New Tottenham signing is ‘so Spursy he already regrets transfer’ after rejecting Bayern

Fans made fun of Spurs after misquoting transfer guru Fabrizio Romano and saying their newest addition Already, Radu Dragusin “regrets” coming to north London.

Supporters believe Radu Dragusin, the recent arrival to Tottenham, already “regrets” his move.

This week, Spurs and Genoa came to a signing deal for the 21-year-old. The Romanian center back will cost the north London team £25.9 million in addition to £5.6 million in add-ons.

Bayern Munich made a last-ditch effort to sabotage the agreement, but he has now arrived in north London. The German powerhouses allegedly made an improved offer of £26.7 million, but Dragusin stepped in and made the decision to sign a contract with Spurs after promising the team.

In a statement, Dragusin’s agent Florin Manea said he was “mind-blown” at Bayern’s rejection, adding, “The decision was made this morning at 8am.” Even though we were adamant about going to Tottenham, we gave up when Bayern made the offer.

“I had a trip to the airport planned. However, as I mentioned, we must consider and assess carefully. Among the largest clubs is Bayern. It’s unbelievable that we declined Bayern.

However, that’s the choice. Along with Radu and his family, I took it. Bayern approached in the last meters, and I told them that this was the decision and that it would be hard to go back on it.

“Perhaps we will arrive there in the future. We are a little taken aback. to decline Bayern, but in the end, Radu and his family desired it. He is content. We’re heading to Tottenham.

However, a condensed version of the statement made public on X by transfer guru Fabrizio Romano incited fury from supporters of rival Premier League teams who saw it as meaning the player only joined Spurs out of necessity and that he already “regrets” the decision.

“They are already regretting it,” one user remarked in a tweet, while another said, “Regretting the move even before the announcement is hilarious.”

“Sounds like regret,” remarked a third, and “Lmaooo he’s basically saying damn it was the wrong choice,” teased a fourth. Some more added, “So Spursy,” and “Physically laughing.”

Manea continued, saying, “Of course, Radu also considered Bayern’s offer. It was in the morning when we decided. Making such a decision is challenging.

Bayern was quite interested in him, but the formal offer didn’t arrive until yesterday night. Bayern offered him a higher salary, but he insisted that this was the best move for his career. We spent the entire night thinking. I slept very little.

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