‘My god What a player’ – Peter Schmeichel blown away by improvement of one Spurs star

James Maddison, according to Peter Schmeichel, had not upheld the lofty standards he set for himself over the previous two seasons at Leicester City, but the offensive midfielder has undergone a transformation under Ange Postecoglou.

Since the 26-year-old has undoubtedly been the greatest player in the division so far this season, teams throughout the Premier League will be kicking themselves for letting Spurs have free reign over Maddison.

On Saturday, the attacking midfielder was crucial for Spurs against Luton, working a moment of magic on the right to set up Micky van de Ven for the game’s lone goal.

Along with his two goals in the first eight league games, the England international had his fifth assist of the year. Schmeichel acknowledged that he has been astounded by the former Foxes star’s performances at Tottenham.

Maddison has upped his levels from Leicester days

The legendary Man Utd player said, “Very, very impressive,” when questioned about Maddison (07/04/23 at 2:40 pm). Maddison is once again brilliant. With Maddison on the team, Leicester was one of the teams we closely monitored.

“He made a lot of promises when he initially joined that squad, but all of a sudden, it was a high level, but not the top level. He wasn’t putting out what he is putting out now.

It appears like he has a manager who understands how to manage him. If you clearly define his duties and make use of all of your strengths, the outcomes will be evident. And my God, what a difference he’s made to this Tottenham squad.

Even though Maddison’s figures for the Foxes were pretty respectable, he did not reach the heights he has at Spurs since Brendan Rodgers frequently deployed him on the left of a front three and Maddison was playing for a losing Leicester team.

In Postecoglou’s 4-3-3, the 26-year-old is well equipped to play as the most experienced number eight, and he is obviously enjoying the freedom that is being offered to him.

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