Mother Killed 2 sons in Kentucky by head shots today

Mother Killed 2 sons in Kentucky by head shots today

‘I’m so stupid’: Mom accused of shooting two young sons in the head claimed she fired four times in 30 seconds by accident, detective says



Tiffanie Ann Katherine Lucas, a 32-year-old from Bullitt County, is accused of murdering Maurice “Peanut” Baker Jr. and Jayden Howard in a bedroom on Nov. 8, last Wednesday. The next day, Lucas was arraigned by video without an attorney present. A judge entered a not guilty plea on Lucas’ behalf and jailed her in the Bullitt County Detention Center on a $2 million bond.

On Tuesday, Lucas appeared to have legal representation for an in-person hearing, where Bullitt County detective Richard Beahl spoke on what the suspect allegedly told him about the shooting.



Beahl revealed that investigators learned four gunshots were fired in 30 seconds and that both victims were shot in the head, according to portions of testimony aired by local CBS affiliate WLKY. Lucas, when questioned, allegedly remarked “I’m in such a bad spot” and claimed the shooting was somehow an accident. Lucas also allegedly said “I’m so stupid” and “I would never do anything like this unless someone manipulated me,” according to local Fox affiliate WDRB’s account of the detective’s testimony.

The suspect “made statements that she was being manipulated through Facebook, through the internet or through Wi-Fi, through Facebook and through her Wi-Fi, being manipulated into doing what she did,” the detective reportedly testified.


Last week, Law&Crime reported that the Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office responded after 11 a.m. on Nov. 8 to the Bentwood Drive home, where a reporting witness found the victims in a bedroom shot and “covered in blood.” A complaint also said that “a gun was on the bed.”

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