‘Make his head blow up’: Callum Wilson blast Spurs player for being proud, thinks he’s too good.

James Maddison’s brain won’t “blow up anymore,” according to Callum Wilson, who implied that the Tottenham player believes he is too talented.

The Newcastle United striker told The Footballer’s Football Podcast that he is ‘enjoying’ watching the Tottenham playmaker because he said that she is ‘doing well’.

James Maddison added the Man of the Match honor in the north London derby to his Player of the Month honor from the Premier League for August.

By far, this is Tottenham’s most important game of the year, and after experiencing his first derby, he took charge. Micky van de Ven claims that he is already the best player he has ever played with.

The 26-year-old made two assists, one of which he made up for by outwitting Bukayo Saka, a colleague from England.

This is what another member of his England team had to say about the nimble playmaker.

Tottenham’s James Maddison holding his head high

Wilson remarked, “I believe you talked enough about him. He is already self-assured, so I won’t repeat anything and bring him any more distress.

He has been doing well, that much is true. I enjoy seeing it. I like it.

Mr. Confidence is James Maddison.

Someone with a little bit of swagger, confidence on the ball, and the capacity to back it up is exactly what Spurs have been pleading for.

Madison can walk the walk because everyone can see the outcomes on the field.

And despite losing out on Europe the previous season, if he keeps going in the same direction for the most of the season, a return to the Champions League may be in the cards.


‘I’m telling you’: Ian Wright shares his prediction for the Tottenham vs Liverpool clash

The high-flying Spurs of Ange Postecoglou will play the Reds this weekend in north London, and Ian Wright predicts that Liverpool will defeat them.


The commentator predicted that one team will win on Saturday night when speaking on Stick to Football, with Wright picking Liverpool to earn the three points.

When asked to make a prediction for Liverpool’s trip to Tottenham, the legendary Arsenal player responded, “Someone is winning that, I’m telling you. I predict Liverpool to win this match.

Both Liverpool and Tottenham have had strong starts to the current Premier League season, and their matchup this weekend in north London may be a turning point for the league.

With Tottenham also attempting to push Manchester City for the Premier League crown, Jurgen Klopp’s team is currently in second place and potentially in the title battle.

And with the Reds hoping to pick up a big road win, this weekend may shed a lot of light on how Liverpool and Tottenham’s seasons develop.

Liverpool can show their title credentials with Tottenham win

This weekend’s game against Tottenham away will undoubtedly be the hardest Liverpool has played all year, and a victory in north London will be a significant indicator of their title chances.

Few people would have predicted Liverpool to compete with City for the Premier League, but based on the standings, the Reds are more than holding their own.

The Reds are more than capable of competing against the Manchester giants in the league if they can win on Saturday, and a victory will solidify Liverpool’s position in the conversation.


£60m Tottenham player makes public vow to start against Liverpool

Richarlison has made it clear that he wants to start for Tottenham when they play Liverpool in the forthcoming Premier League match.

The £60 million striker told ESPN Brasil that he can’t wait to play for Ange Postecoglou’s team against the Reds this Saturday in what is already anticipated to be a major match.

After sitting out the opening phase of Sunday’s north London derby, Richarlison is now targeting a start for Saturday’s game against Liverpool.

The two teams have consistently ranked among the best in the Premier League, and Liverpool will try to put pressure on Manchester City by winning the match.

Richarlison, who plays for Liverpool, wants to put a damper on their celebration, claiming: “What I was suffering from wasn’t on the pitch, in training, it was the terrible individuals surrounding me.

“Thank God those folks are no longer around; things will improve. To start against Liverpool, I must now train as hard as I can this week.

Liverpool will hope Richarlison and Tottenham have an off-day

Richarlison and Tottenham have had a strong start to the new campaign, and Postecoglou, who joined the north London team from Celtic, has made an immediate impression and garnered praise.

With Tottenham remaining undefeated in the Premier League, Liverpool will be hoping that Spurs have their first off day under the Australian boss.

In the fight for a UEFA Champions League spot, a victory for Klopp’s team will make quite a statement, and Liverpool will be hoping Richarlison and Tottenham don’t show up on Saturday in the English capital.

James Maddison standing tall for Tottenham

“I think you said enough about him,” said Wilson. “I am not going to repeat it all and make his head blow up anymore because he is already confident as it is.

“He has been doing well, he has been doing well. I like to see it. I enjoy it.”


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