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To simulate and make predictions for the NFL Divisional Round games, we used Madden 24. This week’s slate of games is fascinating, with the Bills and Chiefs rematch and the first-seeded teams maintaining their home-field advantage among the highlights. Madden 24 finished 3-3 in its predictions last week.The simulations forecast the last three games of the week incorrectly after they started the week 3-0.

In this series, we mimic the game between the two opponents by running 15-minute quarters on All-Madden difficulty. We make an effort to use the most recent reports on injuries that are available at the time of publication. Unless a player appears unlikely to play, we usually start most of the starters. Still, let us begin these Simulations.

NFL Divisional Round Predictions for Madden 24: Texans 21 vs. Ravens 31

TEAM Quarters One, Two, Three, and FourEND
Texans 7 7 0 7 21
Ravens 10 7 14 0 31

DeMeco Ryan’s first season as head coach ends following a fiercely contested matchup with Baltimore. Still, it is certainly cause for joy to lead a team that features multiple rookie starters to the Divisional Round. In their last game of the year, rookies C.J. Stroud and Will Anderson Jr. both had strong outings.

Up until the second half, the game felt quite close overall; early in the second quarter, the Texans even had a 14-10 lead. But with 21 unanswered scores, Lamar Jackson and the Ravens took the lead. Zay Flowers, a rookie wide receiver, grabbed two touchdown passes, one of which was a 69-yarder that made the score 24-14 at the time.

In addition, the Ravens’ running game produced impressive results, with Jackson and his backs combining for 198 rushing yards. With 16 carries, Gus Edwards gained 90 yards, and Jackson gained another 76 on eight. The Ravens offense appeared to be nearly invincible overall. Ultimately, with 8:38 left in the game, Houston was able to score another touchdown, cutting the lead to two possessions. On later drives, though, they were unable to score because Baltimore’s run game ate up clock.

Jackson and the Ravens move to the AFC Championship game, where they will play the Chiefs-Bills game winner, after winning.

Packers 26 – 49ers 40 in the NFL Divisional Round, according to Madden 24 simulations

Carapace7 3 10 6 26
49ers10~13~10~7 40

The 49ers and the Packers have been having a difficult playoff match lately, as Brock Purdy and the Niner crew handled business. Thanks to his skills as a pure runner and a pass-catcher, Christian McCaffrey finished the day with over 190 yards from scrimmage. As the 49ers dominated on offense, he also added two more touchdowns to his postseason record.

Jordan Love appeared to play well based on his stats (25/43, 303 yards, 2 touchdowns). But in the first half, the offense for the Packers felt a little slow. They made significant progress in the second half, but they were never closer than two goals. In addition, Green Bay’s halfbacks ran the ball questionably just nine times during the defeat.

The halftime score should have been 20-10 for San Fran, but Jayden Reed’s blunder allowed them to score three more points. In addition, their offense, which scored an additional 17 points in the second half, left Green Bay with no response. In the end, the Packers’ special teams and defense let them down in this game.

Brock Purdy, on the other side, ripped through the defense, finishing 21 of 25 passes for 283 yards and two scores. With 96 receiving yards on 6 catches, Deebo Samuel led the team in receiving yards and scored the last touchdown to put the club up 40–20.

San Francisco wins and moves on to the NFC Championship for the third consecutive season. Fans are hoping to attend the big game this time around.

NFL Divisional Round Predictions: Buccaneers 13 vs. Lions 21 in Madden 24 Simulations

TEAM Quarters One, Two, Three, and FourEND
Pirates 3 7 3 0 13.
Lions 0-7 0-14 21

Despite defeating an Eagles team that played football more like high school, the Buccaneers offense was unable to generate enough points against the Lions. Dan Campbell’s team put on another strong defensive performance, which guaranteed Detroit a trip to San Francisco.

However, up until the last fifteen minutes, Detroit’s offense also appeared ineffective. Detroit was behind 13–7 in the fourth quarter as Tampa Bay was pressing their offensive line. Things became better because of an intercept made by Kerby Joseph. After then, Detroit was able to score a touchdown and grab a narrow 14–13 lead.

On his subsequent drive, Baker Mayfield was unable to gain a first down; Tampa Bay decided to punt. The Lions’ offense finally came alive under David Montgomery’s 39-yard bomb, which placed them in TB territory. The club was ahead 21–13 after a few plays when Jared Goff connected with Sam LaPorta for a touchdown. The Buccaneers really made it to the DET 38 with time remaining, but a fumble on downs brought their season to an unfortunate end. As they prepare to leave for Cancun, the Buccaneers finished the fourth quarter without scoring a single point.

Furthermore, Mike Evans, the Bucs’ top receiver, had another unsatisfactory game (5 receptions, 44 yards).

With the victory, the Lions make history by going to the NFC Championship game for the second time. Will this be Dan Campbell’s club to win a Super Bowl?

NFL Divisional Round Predictions – Chiefs 24 – Bills 27 – Madden 24 Simulators

Leaders7 3 7 7 24 Bills7 7 10 3 27

Once more, the Chiefs-Bills rematch was highly anticipated and finished in thrilling manner. With the score tied 10–10 at the half, any side might win. Tyler Bass’ 35-yard field goal, though, gave Buffalo their first advantage. The Chiefs were down 24–17 at the end of the third quarter, with the BUF 48.


Rashee Rice’s 14-yard touchdown reception helped knot the game at 24 points. Both teams had gone four straight drives without scoring a point with 12:26 left in the clock. Buffalo had the ball at the two-minute warning and eventually managed to drive down the field. In the closing seconds, Tyler Bass made the game-winning field goal following an attempt to freeze the kicker with a timeout.

Although they both performed mediocrely, Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes combined for four interceptions throughout this game. But every touchdown in the game was also the product of both quarterbacks. Patrick Mahomes fired three touchdown passes, while Josh Allen rushed for another score. Josh Allen, however, won the championship this time.

The Chiefs’ ineffective run game was the root of their problems. Isaiah Pacheco gained 50 yards from 14 runs, 20 of which came from a single carry. As a result, the Chiefs’ offense was centered mostly on passes, and Travis Kelce caught 11 of them.

Josh Allen and the Bills, meanwhile, experienced some success with both. James Cook gained 75 yards on 16 attempts despite not being very explosive, and he also snagged a 3-yard touchdown throw. Additionally, Josh Allen found his favorite target twice in the end zone—Stefon Diggs. Josh Allen completed passes to seven different receivers at the end of the game overall.

The Madden 24 Simulations for the NFL Divisional Round games come to an end here. We anticipate more accurate game predictions from the series than we saw last week. If they do, the following outcomes will be seen:

Ravens @ Bills, Lions @ 49ers

While two of these clubs have already won two or more Lombardi Trophies, the other two have yet to win a Super Bowl. There’s also a chance that the 49ers and Ravens may play in the Super Bowl again. The previous time, Baltimore won the trophy and even defeated San Francisco earlier in the season. That all changes in the postseason, though.

Nevertheless, we also enjoy seeing any surprises that may arise. Who knows? We may even witness the Super Bowl matchup between C.J. Stroud’s Texans and the Lions. For NFL fans worldwide, a Dan Campbell-DeMeco Ryans Super Bowl would be incredible.

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