Luka Doncic issues statement after being expelled by NBA ….

Luka Doncic issues statement after being expelled by NBA ....

Luka’s postgame press conference got weird when awkward noises in the background interrupted things





















Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic sat down for his postgame press conference late Thursday night after a 119-110 series-tying win over the Oklahoma City Thunder.


Then things got weird.


As Doncic took to the mic and began talking about the Mavs’ big win, a strange noise in the background began to awkwardly interrupt the proceedings. It appeared to be audio emanating from someone’s laptop in the media room.


In any case, it was loud enough for Doncic and everyone else in the room to hear it, and the podium mics picked it up as well.


And what was heard on said audio? Well, this is a family website, and we haven’t yet cleared with the bosses how best to describe it.


Thankfully, Doncic’s hilarious reaction tells the story.

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