Louisville Cardinals Suspended Olivia Cochran today

Louisville Cardinals Suspended Olivia Cochran today

The defense she played today to hold the Tennessee center with the 6-inch eyelashes to just 3 points was absolutely superb! It’s unfortunate that the refs did not call that foul on Keys for the elbow to Olivia’s left eye.




Tara Williams had two choices: continue playing the sport she loved or give it up for the child she loved.


The former Auburn women’s basketball standout played for the Birmingham Power in the National Women’s Basketball League in 2001, when she got pregnant and gave birth to a girl.


After the baby began developing health issues after having an allergic reaction to formula, Williams ended her basketball career to take care of her child.

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Two decades later, Williams is the source of strength and motivation for her daughter, Louisville four-year starting forward Olivia Cochran.


With most of the team being newcomers, Cochran embraced a bigger role this season as the most experienced player — with three Elite Eight appearances and one Final Four.

She will try to lead the Cardinals on another deep run when they start the NCAA Tournament against Middle Tennessee on Friday.

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