‘Look’… What Declan Rice said about Tottenham straight after Arsenal’s win against Liverpool

A few Arsenal supporters might be taken aback to learn that Declan Rice was talking about Tottenham Hotspur just after Arsenal’s thrilling victory last night.

As we’ve all come to expect, Rice was tremendous when it came to pressing and ball development alongside Jorge in midfield.

Mikel Arteta’s strategy was masterful; he set up his team for victory, and each player’s performance validated their manager’s acumen.

The victory will boost Arsenal’s confidence greatly in addition to helping the team’s standing in the league.

Although losing to Liverpool in the FA Cup despite occasionally playing so brilliantly was devastating, last night might be the beginning of a new chapter.

Having said that, Declan Rice wasn’t going overboard following the game; rather, he was staying grounded.

In an interview with beIN Sports shortly after Arsenal’s victory, Rice did in fact cite Tottenham’s performance as a justification for maintaining modesty.

When the reporter questioned Rice about whether Arsenal was once more in the running for the title, the midfield player maintained his composure and reiterated his manager’s message.

Declan Rice pays compliment to Tottenham shortly after Arsenal win

Speaking about the title fight, Rice predicted Spurs and Aston Villa will both continue to be major players.

“Well, I think you have to take it one game at a time,” he stated. This league is really erratic.

It constantly fluctuates in all directions. You are able to change locations. Aston Villa’s performance is excellent. Spurs are having a great season.

This year’s league is home to several incredibly talented clubs. One game at a time, that is.

Although supporters of Arsenal might not find it amusing to hear Rice compliment Tottenham, they will likely concur with the general ideas expressed in his remarks.

Even if Manchester City has a consistent little advantage, the title race is still very much up for grabs.

Ivan Toney might be aiming to help Arsenal tonight in preparation for perhaps joining the team in the summer.

In any case, Rice and his colleagues will be happy with their victory from last night.

And while watching the game, Gary Neville was particularly impressed with one particular effort.

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