‘Look at Spurs’: Pundit makes annoying claim about Tottenham after Arsenal’s 6-0 win last night that i will in my opinion not agree

On Wednesday night in the Champions League, Arsenal set a precedent.

Arsenal’s 6-0 victory over Lens demonstrated to the other teams in the league that they are a serious contender, and the manner in which Arsenal prevailed was quite remarkable.

Arsenal demonstrated on Wednesday that there are multiple ways to skin a cat and they are adept at them all with six goals from six different goal scorers.

Adrian Clarke was talking about the Gunners’ victory on The Breakdown Live when he compared Arsenal to other elite Premier League teams, saying that none of them, not even Spurs, had as many goal scorers as Arsenal.

Arsenal have the most options

Clarke gave his assessment on Arsenal’s alternatives for goal scorers.

“You observe City, Tottenham, and Liverpool.” They lack the variety of goal scorers that we do. Although they have six or seven goal scorers, we’re building a list and nearly everyone has scored thus far, so it can only be positive, Clarke remarked.


Arsenal’s alternatives for scoring goals are really impressive, it must be mentioned.

Nobody has as many players as Arsenal who can score goals with ease, as Clarke points out.

They may not have a striker who can score 20 goals in a season, but they do have four or five guys who have the potential to score in double figures and a few more who could score five or six.

When all is said and done, goals are goals, regardless of who scores them. It’s possible to win big tournaments without having a so-called “natural” goalscorer in the lineup, as we’ve seen in recent years, especially with Manchester City in the 2021–2022 season. That being said, Arsenal appear like excellent bets to go on and accomplish something extremely spectacular this season.

Maybe Arsenal doesn’t really need an Ivan Toney in January.

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