‘Let this be clear’… Player now sends angry message to Neal Maupay after what he did to James Maddison

Since his shenanigans against Tottenham Hotspur last night, Neal Maupay has been the talk of the town. Now, Sandro has delivered him a message.

Spurs defeated Brentford yesterday in a thrilling victory.The first ten minutes of the second half saw Ange Postecoglou’s team play brilliantly, and it’s reasonable to say Maupay’s actions definitely revved them up.

Sandro sends message to Neal Maupay after his antics against Tottenham

Brentford’s opening goal against Tottenham came from Neal Maupay last night.

Along with Ivan Toney, the Frenchman raced to the corner flag and thought it would be a good idea to make fun of James Maddison, a top player for the Spurs.

When Maupay mimicked the Tottenham number 10’s darts celebration, he succeeded in his goal of upsetting Maddison and every member of his squad.

After the intermission, the Spurs easily defeated the Bees to win the match. The brief squabble between Maddison and Maupay persisted, with the latter even making an attempt on social media the previous evening.

Spurs legend Sandro, who played for the team for four years, has now defended Maddison. The Brazilian messaged Maupay on his Instagram Story when he was at the game last night.

“@nealmaupay this celebration belongs to us,” Sandro commented on social media, attaching a picture of himself throwing a dart. Make no mistake about it. I’m glad to have you back, @Madders.

If Brentford had prevailed, Maupay’s situation would have been drastically different; sadly, his theatrics backfired on him and his team.

Over the coming months, we’re confident Tottenham supporters will not stop reminding him of it.

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