Ledley King reveals what Spurs players think about Postecoglou’s training

Ledley King stated that Ange Postecoglou’s Tottenham players are enjoying their training sessions and that he is amazed at how quickly they have picked up the new method.Ledley King

From a distance, it is clear that Postecoglou is the complete antithesis of some of his predecessors, both in terms of his approach to the game and how he interacts with the media.

The 58-year-old has made a number of internal adjustments to the team, which The Athletic described two weeks ago and claimed had improved the atmosphere at Hotspur Way.

According to the source, among other things, Postecoglou informs the employees well in advance about their timetable rather than making last-minute modifications like Conte did.

It was claimed that despite the new Spurs head coach’s squad meetings are shorter than those held under Italian, his training sessions are extremely innovative and feature ball work.

Ledley King is a big fan of Ange Postecoglou

Regarding Postecoglou’s influence, King has now commented on That Peter Crouch Podcast: “He’s terrific. He is just straightforward and a true football man. He was a kind guy who I got to meet for the first time during preseason with the club. But the players’ fast system adaptation was what most impressed me.

“We actually lost the first preseason game to West Ham, but only in the first game, there was such a difference in terms of possession and opportunities we produced.

Then, of course, you have to worry how he’s going to translate it into the Premier League, and so far it’s been amazing. So, that was impressive to see.

“I can tell the players are having fun at practice. I am aware that Ange stated his desire for training to resemble your formative years. That’s so energizing, right?

The greatest test for Ange and his strategies will come when we go through a rough patch because that is when the players may start to question his strategies.

However, a manager who believes in them and gives them the freedom to express themselves will have much greater success with his team than one who focuses exclusively on defeating the enemy.

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