Lamar Jackson Signed 4-years Contract For $120m With Cowboys Today

Lamar Jackson Signed 4-years Contract For $120m With Cowboys Today


Proposed Trade Swaps Key $39 Million Receiver for Ravens Package


Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Brandin Cooks is being mentioned as a potential trade candidate in NFL rumors. Bleacher Report’s Kristopher Knox put together three potential trade proposals for the Cowboys to consider for Cooks.



One trade pitch has the Baltimore Ravens landing Cooks in exchange for 2024 fourth-round and seventh-round picks (No. 226). The Cowboys move up in the seventh round by sending the Ravens the No. 242 selection.


It is understandable why Baltimore would want to add another playmaker for Lamar Jackson. Yet, it is less clear whether the cap savings is worth this sort of move for Dallas.


“Trading Cooks before March 18 would save $4 million in cap space, and it wouldn’t mark the first time Dallas has dumped a productive receiver for cap purposes,” Knox wrote in a March 4, 2024 story titled, “Cowboys’ Top Hypothetical Trade Packages for Brandin Cooks.” “Two offseasons ago, the Cowboys traded Amari Cooper to the Cleveland Browns for a mere fifth-round pick and a swapping of sixth-round selections.



“As was the case with Cooper, Dallas could easily value the additional cap flexibility more than the return in a Cooks trade.”

Cowboys Rumors: Dallas Could Trade Brandin Cooks in a Cap Savings Move

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