Lakers Hired Michael Jordan As New Head Coach

Lakers Hired Michael Jordan As New Head Coach





Many other previous coaches who were former players spent years on the bench as an assistant coach, like Ty Lue of the LA Clippers.



Jordan will have immediately jumped to being a head coach, but both Davis and Carmelo believe it can work. However, Carmelo does simultaneously believe on the side of caution.




“I f**k with it,” Carmelo said. “I mean a lot of times it don’t pan out. I mean if you look at guys who have been in situations where they went straight from playing to coaching.





I mean you look at Jason Kidd left us went straight to Brooklyn. I had just played against Derrick Fisher four months ago and he was my head coach.






You know what I mean? It was like those type of situations that haven’t worked out for whatever reason, they haven’t worked out.”








It remains to be seen whether or not JJ Redick actually becomes the next head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, but it’ll certainly be the most scrutinized coaching position in the NBA.

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