Lakers Hired Jason Kidd As New Head Coach

Lakers Hired Jason Kidd As New Head Coach

LeBron James reportedly won’t leave Lakers to join Bronny with another NBA team

James previously said he wants to play with his son, but has backed off from that





NBA teams shouldn’t draft Bronny James with the assumption that doing so would also attract LeBron James as a free agent.



Front offices could reach out to LeBron’s representation, Bronny James or the Los Angeles Lakers star in the weeks leading up to the June 26–27 NBA Draft to ask if selecting Bronny would mean the senior James could join that team as well. However, LeBron’s answer to that would be “No, as of right now,” according to The Athletic’s Shams Charania.



The “as of right now” part of that answer could provide enough wiggle room for teams to consider creating a situation that would appeal to LeBron. And some clubs have already expressed interest in drafting Bronny in the second round after his performance at this week’s NBA Draft Combine.

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