Lakers charge Rui Hachimura $700.6 million under suspicion for breaking the…See more…

Lakers charge Rui Hachimura $700.6 million under suspicion for breaking the...See more…




Rui Hachimura has struggled to find a consistent role in his first full season with the Los Angeles Lakers as he came off the bench to begin the year with occasional due to injuries. But, now as head coach Darvin Ham solidified Hachimura as a starter, he has put together some great offensive performances for L.A. as of late.



Another performance arose on Wednesday, which was a must-win game against the Sacramento Kings as the Lakers are battling for seeding. The 26-year-old came out engaged on the offensive end, making his jumpers, attacking the paint and even getting in the passing lanes early in the first quarter.




Despite Hachimura scoring 29 points on 13-for-17 shooting and the Lakers having an early 19-point lead in the first, the Kings flipped the script in the second quarter and never looked back. Hachimura described where he saw the game flip, which was the second frame when De’Aaron Fox and Malik Monk caught fire.



“I was talking at halftime, I said we had the greatest start the whole season,” Hachimura said.



“It was a great start, and we were locked in defensively, and we’re sharing the ball on the offensive side, and we’re moving. Just all of a sudden, I think in the second quarter, they came back.



Malik [Monk] and [De’Aaron] Fox got in a rhythm and we couldn’t figure it out the whole game. We tried to come back in the third quarter and in a little bit of the fourth, but it was kind of too late. They were already in a rhythm, and when both of them are in the rhythm, it’s hard to play defense because we can’t really double and all that. So yeah, just did the second quarter was the game.”


This could very well be a game that discourages the team moving forward, but Hachimura remains confident in the Lakers making a run, however, he stresses that they have no time to waste.



“We’re pretty confident, he said. “We just got to lock in. We don’t have time to relax, like, just today’s game, we were up by 20 or something in the first quarter, and all of a sudden, we kind of relaxed, and literally, they were up by 20. We can’t relax at any time. I think it was a good start.


We usually struggle with starting the game and the beginning of the game.

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