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Kalen DeBoer: ‘We Want Those Guys That Want to Be Here’

The Alabama football coach claims that the players’ access to the national transfer database has “not alarmed at all” him.

Alabama has had a number of players, including starters like Isaiah Bond, Caleb Downs, and Kadyn Proctor, enter the transfer portal since Nick Saban’s retirement on January 10.

After giving his inaugural news conference last Saturday, new Alabama head coach Kalen DeBoer spoke in public for the first time on Friday afternoon on the Paul Finebaum Show. During his remarks, DeBoer touched on the subject of Crimson Tide players leaping in the portal.

“I was just going through this two years ago, and this is a much better situation than even that one was with the number of players leaving,” DeBoer stated. “We simply continue as we are. You, as I mentioned before, roll up your sleeves.

“This program has a fantastic group of leaders who are united in their desire to maintain the high standards of Alabama football.” We also want the guys who have a desire to be here. They’re making their way through all the noise in the world, and for that, I’m very proud of them for sticking together, talking to themselves consciously, and making an effort to maintain their composure.

Many of these guys came here with the intention of leaving a legacy as well as building on one. They see it as an unfinished task. Whether they achieved it this year or in previous years, there is still work to be done. We’re eager to stick together as a staff and a team and just keep working with the guys that are here. We’re at a really good place, in my opinion. All we need to do is persevere.”

Athletes that have publicly reaffirmed their choice to continue at Alabama include Jalen Milroe, Tyler Booker, Kendrick Law, Jaeden Roberts, Malachi Moore, and Deontae Lawson.

Although he is not quite there yet, DeBoer stated he is getting close to having his whole staff filled. He’s encouraging the players and supporters to be optimistic about Alabama football’s future.

“When you have change and transition, there’s going to be change with everything that’s around the program,” DeBoer stated. “Many of these programs are undergoing adjustments without a change in head coaches. You should naturally anticipate that this will occur to some degree, and we’ll include the appropriate individuals in the program—staff and/or athletes. Furthermore, this location boasts the greatest resources and facilities in the whole nation. And with all of that, we are able to assist the outstanding players that visit us.

“And our guys should be excited about the new staff we’re bringing in and what we can accomplish, and I would also tell the fans this.” I’m not at all concerned.

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