Judd Trump showed his true colours after Ronnie O’Sullivan beat him in epic final

Following the Rocket’s victory, Judd Trump and Ronnie O’Sullivan gave each other a strong hug.

Video of Ronnie O’Sullivan and Donald Trump’s tearful talk following the Rocket’s victory in the 2022 World Snooker Championship final has surfaced. Before the two had a long embrace and O’Sullivan secured his eighth title, the superstar broke down in tears.

“Thank you for letting me practice with you,” was Trump’s next response. Everything, even the exhibitions. I genuinely appreciate that you took the time to speak with me. O’Sullivan responded, “Listen, you’re a good boy.” I’ll make time for you no matter what. I admire you; you’re a kind man, and your family is intelligent.”

Trump kept showering compliments on everyone, saying, “Thank you, okay. I adore you, dude. Good job. Enjoy yourself, greatest accomplishment, all-time great player. Man, I f****** adore you. Fantastic work, guy. F****** amazing. And so much laborious work.”

Holding Trump, O’Sullivan was unable to contain her feelings and sobbed, adding, “I can’t believe it.” Thanking Trump for letting him know that he deserves all the praise, he said, “It f****** kills me.”

Trump remarked, “Mate, you’re amazing.” “The commitment, the effort, the whole lot, buddy. Man, you deserve everything—f******. You’re the best, friend; you’ve always looked out for me. Everyone is extremely proud of you, buddy. F****** everyone. With the support of your entire team, go celebrate with your loved ones, have fun, and know that I adore you. Excellent work, well done.

Even though Trump lost the World Championship at the last hurdle, he was kind enough to give O’Sullivan his flowers and pay tribute to the all-time great snooker player. These kinds of moments are what make Trump endearing to O’Sullivan, as he clarified why he was so moved to embrace his opponent.

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