Journalist reveals what ‘few people within Spurs’ are saying about Ange after consecutive defeats

After a stellar start to the Premier League season, Tottenham Hotspur has collapsed to three straight league losses.

The North London giants began the season with significant wins and left a lasting impression on everyone with their fluid attacking game.

They are currently declining, though, and a number of injury issues have exacerbated that.

Important players like Cristian Romero, James Maddison, and Micky van de Ven have not been available for Tottenham lately. Without players of that caliber, any team would struggle, thus Tottenham’s recent point slump is hardly shocking.

Nevertheless, Ange Postecoglou will still be expected to lead them back on course, and it will be interesting to watch if the Australian manager can stop his side’s downward spiral in the upcoming days and weeks.

This season, Postecoglou has drawn a lot of appreciation for his expansive style of play, but he has also taken some flak in the previous few games. On the Fox football podcast, journalist Charlie Eccleshare has now disclosed that the manager is well-liked by the team and still has the trust of the club’s leadership.

The Australian is assembling a team for the future, and Tottenham knows they will need to exercise patience. Furthermore, it is evident that the team’s performance has been impacted by injuries in recent weeks, and if the main players return to the field, they should be able to recover quickly.

“The majority of fans don’t really care about the three defeats. They are aware of the situation; they have lost important players due to suspensions and injuries. People comprehend and get it. In any case, not many Spurs supporters believe Ange needs to be more realistic. Perhaps some do, but on the inside, everyone understands that he’s creating something, that this is his style of play, and that a few losses won’t destroy him, according to Eccleshare.

The supporters also love the manager, but it’s yet unclear if he can make a difference in the upcoming days and weeks.

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