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Jim Harbaugh shares intense experience after visiting Zak Zinter in the hospital

Michigan’s victory over Ohio State on Saturday marked a successful day for the Wolverines for the third year in a row. But in some ways, it was also a tragic day since All-American offensive tackle Zach Zinter suffered a serious injury.

Zinter had to be wheeled off the field during the third quarter of Saturday’s rivalry game due to a horrific leg injury.

Jim Harbaugh, the head coach of Michigan, expressed his feelings about seeing Zinter perform and lamenting not being able to attend the game alongside his best player.

“My feelings were for Zak, for him, and for his family. Although you start planning for the worse, you were hoping for the best, according to Harbaugh. “I observed him. I mean, she’s so strong and tough. Both the tibia and fibula were broken. You experience that in real life. The bones in your shattered bone tend to rub against each other as you’re lying there on the field.Additionally, it hurts a lot. How steadfast he truly was.

After the game, Harbaugh had the opportunity to see Zak Zinter in the hospital.

Naturally, Zinter was disappointed about such a difficult injury, but he was also clearly happy with how the game went. Michigan prevailed 30–24 over Ohio State by holding them off.

He was ecstatic for his staff at the hospital. The good news is that it was the worst case scenario that could have happened. Considering that those bones will mend, stated Harbaugh.

After Zinter was taken out, Harbaugh wasn’t sure how his squad would react, but they clearly did a fantastic job of it.

After Zinter was hauled off, standout running back Blake Corum scored on the opening play with a 22-yard run. After then, Corum held up the digits “6” and “5”.

I am aware of the impact that can have on a team. With a team, that can go either way, according to Harbaugh. “There can be general sorrow for a comrade as well as anxiety and stress. and can inspire the group as well. With Blake, you witnessed that. the ability to display the 6 5 after the touchdown on the following play. That deeply affected Zak.

When Michigan played Ohio State, Harbaugh was pleased with the way his team remained cohesive. The Wolverines remained to encourage their injured teammate after the game.

The manner in which his coworkers were messaging, making calls, etc. It demonstrated the team’s ability to work together once more, according to Harbaugh. “The team performed well throughout the match, but they excelled there as well.”

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