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Jason Kelce’s wife Kylie told him to be on his “Best behavior” for Taylor Swift

It has now finally occurred. Jason, the older brother of Travis Kelce, is the person Taylor Swift met.

And things did not exactly turn out the way Kylie, Jason’s wife, would have liked. Indeed, Swift seemed content to spend time with Jason in the stands during Travis’s Kansas City Chiefs game versus the Buffalo Bills. Travis even went so far as to tell his brother that she “loved him,” which is a huge accomplishment for an older sibling getting married. However, Kylie Kelce has delivered her verdict, and according to her husband, she was “not happy” with his antics throughout the game. particularly because she genuinely wanted him to behave well.

Swift spent time in a VIP suite at Buffalo, New York’s Highmark Stadium with Jason Kelce, where she saw firsthand his response to his brother Travis’ touchdown. He screamed, tore off his clothes, and leaped out the suite. then went ahead and re-entered the suite. A scene that was described as “pure pandemonium” by Travis Kelce in the most recent New Heights podcast episode.

Jason, on the other hand, expressed no regret, saying he was just “a man in his elements” and that he wished he had “stayed out longer” in Buffalo’s bitter cold. He was less upbeat when Travis inquired about his wife’s reaction. Even though he had told her, “I’m going to take my shirt off and jump out of that suite,” when they arrived at the suite. Her answer? “Don’t you dare, Jason.” Unfortunately for Kylie, he wasn’t really “asking for permission,” but rather merely “warning” her. It was unfortunate because she had already requested that he behave himself appropriately.

“Before we even met Taylor, she was already telling me to behave well, so she was like, ‘Do not. “Remember to behave yourself well,” Jason said on their podcast. “Kylie, the first day I met you, I was completely inebriated and passed out at the bar,” I said.

This adds to the allure. This adds to Jason Kelce’s allure, he remarked. “I want to present the best possible impression.”

Travis affirmed that Swift “absolutely loved” his older brother, so everything worked out in the end. even though he acknowledged that, at their first meeting, he had consumed “about 40 Miller Lites,” which clarified a lot of his actions.

At this time, Taylor Swift seems to have met every member of the Kelce family, but her encounter with Jason Kelce stands out in particular. And really, right on target for the first time an older brother meets the girlfriend of his younger brother.

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