Jan Vertonghen sends three-word message to Tottenham Hotspur fans after Jurgen Klopp comments

Jan Vertonghen has joined the jokes about recreating the 2019 Champions League final being made by Tottenham Hotspur supporters.

Tottenham Hotspur fans are already calling for a rerun of the 2019 Champions League final thanks to Jurgen Klopp.

After Tottenham defeated Liverpool 2-1 at home during the past few days, everything has been in full turmoil.

The contentious circumstances early in the game have overshadowed Tottenham’s late victory thanks to a Joel Matip own goal.


After receiving a straight red card in the first half for Curtis Jones, Diogo Jota also received one in the second half.

The major incident, though, occurred in the first half when Luis Diaz’s excellent goal was wrongfully disallowed due to a failure in communication with the VAR crew.

Jurgen Klopp comments on Liverpool VAR drama

Liverpool is upset and wants the audio of the VAR communication made public because Tottenham went on to win the game.

There was nothing more ominous in that audio than the really catastrophic communication breakdown it highlighted.

However, Liverpool is still dissatisfied, and Reds manager Jurgen Klopp has now escalated the situation.

According to Klopp, replaying the game is the only reasonable option. He made this statement to Sky Sports.

Even though the Premier League is improbable to take that path, Klopp has made his entire opinions known.

Given that Liverpool was down to 10 players at the time of the Diaz incident and Spurs supporters had been making fun of the Reds manager, Tottenham would strongly disagree with that notion.

Jan Vertonghen joins in with Tottenham jokes

Tottenham supporters have suggested that the 2019 Champions League final should be one of the games that Klopp replays due to poor refereeing decisions.

When Moussa Sissoko was unfairly penalized for a handball in that match, Liverpool won a penalty quite early on.

Fans of Tottenham haven’t let things go, and after proposing a rematch, ex-Tottenham star Jan Vertonghen has joined in.

The Belgian played in that match in Madrid and was devastated by Liverpool’s 2-0 victory.

Vertonghen simply said, “Count me in,” adding that if Klopp wanted to start a can of worms, he would be more than willing to rematch the match.

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