Jan Vertonghen says Tottenham have now done something that he’s never seen before in his life

Legendary Tottenham Hotspur player Jan Vertonghen has acknowledged that, up until Monday night, he has never seen a defensive line as high as the one used by Spurs.

Chelsea defeated Ange Postecoglou’s team 4-1 in what was perhaps the most dramatic Premier League match in recent memory.

The 111-minute game tells a story that is barely touched upon by the score. The sending-off for Spurs was one of the other important points in addition to the goals.

After Cristian Romero received a red card in the first half and Destiny Udogie was sent off in the 55th minute, Tottenham was forced to play more than thirty minutes of the match with nine men.

Postecoglou ensured that Spurs maintained their high line and pressured the opposition even though they had two fewer players on the field than their opponents.

It did come close to working, as Son Heung-min and Eric Dier both had chances to equalize disallowed for slight offside.

Chelsea eventually overcame Spurs’ resistance and added two more goals in injury time as the home team persisted in pressing forward.

Vertonghen acknowledged on X that Tottenham was doing something that he had never seen in his entire life.

Tottenham a different proposition under Postecoglou

It is rare for a home team that loses 4-1 to have its supporters applaud them off the field.

This speaks volumes about Postecoglou’s incredible work with Tottenham. They didn’t waver from their morals, even though they only had nine players on the field, and they went all out to get an equalizer.

Although there will always be the occasional game where everything goes wrong and gets out of hand, the mentality of the Tottenham players was impressive.

You can’t help but believe that Spurs under Postecoglou will have great success after seeing how they did.

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