James Maddison sends a direct message to fans on what to expect from him at Tottenham

The father of James Madison has always understood that his son was destined to be a performer. You can find a user account with five published videos on YouTube by searching for “Gaz Maddy”; these collections of Maddison from his earlier career each have tens of thousands of views. The identity of the person behind the “Gaz Maddy” account can be determined without the use of a detective.

There were instances when Maddison’s entertainment was thought to have strayed a little too far off the field. He readily acknowledges that he is a social person who does not simply go home and go to bed at 8 o’clock.

He has friends outside of football and a social life, neither of which he will soon apologize for because they both help to define who he is. That makes perfect sense.

The important people insist that Maddison’s pursuit of improvement cannot be derailed.Gareth Southgate claims that Maddison’s maturity has never been an issue and mentions that Maddison enjoys talking about and studying tactics in football. Ange Postecoglou, his new manager at Tottenham Hotspur, is renowned for accepting nothing less than complete buy-in, and Maddison was the team’s star acquisition this summer.


Maddison has been the driving force behind a new-look assault in north London that doesn’t include Harry Kane, and things are off to an excellent start. He acknowledges that prior Tottenham managers contributed to associations with unfavorable, defensive play, but Postecoglou is a manager who wants to be offensive, courageous, and free while still pressing high up the pitch. most importantly, to amuse those who pay to watch.

Maddison claims, “I could easily picture myself in that group, in that uniform, in that stadium. “It simply suited me beautifully. They’ve had that kind of player ever since.

Paul Gascoigne was my dad’s favorite player when I was a child. And the type of midfielder who aspires to be charismatic, entertaining, and innovative.

“I want to amuse. When you first start playing football as a child, you play for no specific reason. There is no politics or anything comparable. You play football because you enjoy it, you pursue your interests, and as a result of your actions and your aptitudes, you develop into the kind of player you are. And for me, that won’t ever change. That cannot be negotiated. I play that way.

Gascoigne’s talent is extensively discussed by Maddison, and it is obvious that his father’s affection has influenced him. Even though he was only born 18 months before Gascoigne’s final England appearance, there was always going to be some effort at football osmosis when your father has handmade compilation DVDs of his favorites.

His personal heroes were David Silva at Manchester City, Philippe Coutinho at Liverpool, and Wayne Rooney at Manchester United. There was a common thread among these three players: they were all technically outstanding, possessed excellent close control, and saw opportunities before their opponents did. Though perhaps unlike the other two he mentions, Rooney stood out for reasons that go beyond talent.

“Before you turned pro, you were a fan of the game, and I loved watching guys who had personality, who had a little bit more to them than your average player—those who had a little bit of cheekiness. Although I’m not sure what I mean by “bog-standard,” I enjoy watching players who express their personalities while playing.

“I think Rooney was the big one when I was a kid. He was a little bit more fiery and harsher in the tackle than I was, but his personality and style of play showed through. And I find that enjoyable.

Opinion from supporters of the opposition is unavoidably associated with that reputation as an entertainer. In a video he shared on social media last month, he pretended to take a corner with the ball comfortably beyond the box to tease Bournemouth fans who had been booing him. Most of them laughed back at him when he did.

He says, “I simply like doing tiny things like that, which keeps me hungry and stuff. “I enjoy the theatrical aspect of somewhat playing the villain. That helps me stay at my best. I liked viewing it that way, and I like playing it that way right now.

Maddison plans to keep having fun with it since he thinks that’s where his greatest power lies. His followers will smile if he does. He must be doing something right if he is receiving criticism. He can connect teams together if he is free to do so. Postecoglou will be hoping for a further chapter to finish “Gaz Maddy”

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