James Maddison makes Liverpool ‘replay’ dig at Trent Alexander-Arnold on England duty

After meeting up in the England camp, James Maddison mocked Trent Alexander-Arnold about the VAR snafu between Liverpool and Tottenham just as the dust had started to settle.

James Maddison of Tottenham may have reopened a can of worms when he made fun of Trent Alexander-Arnold of Liverpool while the two were in the England camp.

Less than a week after each was there for one of the biggest VAR disputes in the Premier League, the two reconnected while on international duty. Jurgen Klopp demanded a replay of the game after the Reds were outplayed by Spurs in north London and lost 2-1 after officials admitted to unjustly disallowing a Luis Diaz goal.

And just as the outrage over the incident seemed to be waning, Maddison was there to make fun of the whole thing. Naturally, that’s always simpler when one’s club came out on top.

After getting back in touch with Alexander-Arnold, Maddison showed that moving on and trying to forget the turmoil weren’t priorities for him. And the Spurs star decided that the best way to get better was to poke fun at his foreign teammate.

In a photo he posted on his Instagram stories, Maddison can be seen working out with the Liverpool right-back. However, the tweet included multiple laughing and snoring emojis, as well as the caption, “still asking for a replay.”

Reds supporters who may believe that a replay is necessary may have been offended by the message. But it’s evident that Maddison is happy with the result at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on October 30 — and it’s hard to blame him.

The immediate hysteria has subsided after Liverpool thought they were denied at least a part of the spoils at Spurs, however the debate won’t go away entirely anytime soon. Klopp expressed sympathy for the officials but added that even though the error wasn’t on purpose, it can still call for extraordinary measures to clear the air.

The German at the time said, “We shouldn’t forget that they didn’t do it on purpose. “Yes, a mistake was made. An evident error. There probably would have been remedies. I believe a replay should be the result. Most likely won’t occur

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