‘I’ve never seen that’: Coaches blown away by Tottenham summer signing’s ‘remarkable’ speed

Former coach Ruben Jongkind praised Tottenham Hotspur defender Micky van de Ven for displaying his speed from an early age.


After a promising start with Tottenham Hotspur, Micky van de Ven has received praise from his former coaches.

Clement Lenglet was only a stopgap for Spurs, who were once again on the market for a left-footed center back over the summer.

Van de Ven was chosen by Tottenham, who agreed to a contract for up to £43 million for the Dutch international defender.

In the Premier League, Van de Ven has established himself well and has teamed up brilliantly with Cristian Romero at center back.

Tottenham Hotspur defender Micky van de Ven praised by former coach

With Van de Ven still having a lot of potential, it is thought that Tottenham has finally discovered their left-sided center back for years to come.

Van de Ven has long been regarded as a top talent, and even his former mentors are now gushing over him.

iNews spoke with Piet Pas of the WSV 1930 and FC Volendam coach Ruben Jongkind, both of whom praised Van de Ven.

Van de Ven’s extraordinary speed for a centre back standing at 6 feet 4 inches is one of his most striking qualities.

Van de Ven’s speed has reportedly been astonishing for a while, according to Jongkind and Pas, who also note that it has never before been seen in a defender.

Jongkind remarked, “His athletic ability and speed, I’ve never seen that for a center-back or defender.

Pas said, “At an early age, his exceptional quickness on the field and potent shot didn’t go unnoticed.

Tottenham delighted Van de Ven didn’t join Liverpool

Van de Ven was being pursued by Spurs in the summer, but there were concerns that he would sign with a Premier League competitor.

According to a July article in The London Evening Standard, Spurs feared a Liverpool hijack effort for Van de Ven.

The Reds have been linked with a bid for the Dutchman because they lack a natural left-footed center defender.

The Wolfsburg transfer business was taken up by Jorg Schmadtke this past summer, who also signed Van de Ven for Wolfsburg. This only served to fuel Liverpool transfer rumors.

Van de Ven should now play a crucial role in Ange Postecoglou’s back four for years to come after Tottenham completed the transaction.

Van de Ven will undoubtedly need to continue growing and displaying that pace, but Spurs supporters have every reason to be thrilled about him right now.

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