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“It’s disappointing” – Brendan Rodgers Reacts To SPFL Change

Scottish football will not have a winter break in 2024–2025, as the SPFL confirmed earlier this week. Celtic was disappointed to hear this news because they have been making good use of the activity lull lately.

However, it has now been dropped for the upcoming campaign. As a result, players’ already demanding schedules will become even more demanding, placing further strain on their already exhausted bodies.

The news does not impress Brendan Rodgers, manager of Celtic. Especially during his initial tenure as the team’s manager, the Irishman made extensive use of the intervals.

In the second part of the season, his team performed better and was a step above, but this was not just due to his leadership; Ange Postecoglou and Neil Lennon made sure the voids were filled in a useful way.

Midway through the season, Rodgers and other managers in the division won’t have the chance to work with their players without interruption. The manager who won two triple crowns is upset about this: “It’s disappointing,” he remarked (Celtic FC on YouTube).

Since the players are not machines, we will need to identify times during the season when they may recover.We also need to monitor the athletes’ physicality because the season begins earlier.

“The winter break has been incredibly effective, both from when I was up here the first time and now. We’ll adjust and consider that for the upcoming season.


 Brendan Rodgers reveals highest Celtic transfer fee he’d spend on one player

Every window has a budget allocated by the Hoops, and Rodgers is aware of the team’s mentality.

Any aspirations Celtic had of spending a lot of money on incomings this month have been dashed by Brendan Rodgers.

The head coach of the Houston Rockets has always been realistic throughout transfer windows at Parkhead, and he will continue to be so as he looks to add a striker and a new left-back before the window closes next week. Goalkeeper Caoimhin Kelleher of Liverpool, valued at £15 million, is rumored to be on a shortlist of potential candidates.

But could Celts even come close to such a person? “No,” Rodgers stated bluntly. It’s really challenging. Although the money is there, it won’t take place. You are paying the salaries of a £20 million player if you are bringing one in. Sadly, that doesn’t work here. It’s not where we play.

Celtic have paid over £6.5 million to bring in players like Jota and Cameron Carter-Vickers following productive loan terms. Rodgers also made it more apparent that those kinds of costs were more realistic.

He continued, “I think that’s realistic.” We may have accomplished that. This is not brand-new. You go back to the time they paid £6-7 million to sign Jota or Carter-Vickers. There is proof that they actually do that. However, £20 million is…

“All I’m looking at are quality players.” To me, the money thing is unimportant. You’ll notice a few duds. All I consider is the player level I am able to reach. I don’t always ask for a £7 million player. Because he might not be as talented as a player worth £2 million who can yet improve.

Therefore, in my opinion, what matters is the caliber of player who will join and elevate us rather than merely cover for someone else. They must genuinely contend.

If you visit any social media site, fans have expressed anger over the fact that only Nic Kuhn has arrived thus far. Rodgers is aware of this, too.

He stated, “Those who are asking for that are right.” “They will know there is money if you advertise as a club and have the funds in the bank. However, we are all the same in that we want what’s best for Celtic. We recognize there needs to be a balance between developing players and ready-made players, but we still want excellent guys in. That’s where we agree a great deal.

“I don’t care about the numbers or the quantity of participants. It all comes down to having a competitive squad that allows you to replace a subpar player with a superior one.

“The guys on the board manage the club’s money and operations with great skill. Obtaining the best players available is what I will always demand. Furthermore, I don’t see the need in adding anyone if the current ones aren’t much better.

Some Celtics fans might take that as a sign that they are being coerced into not expecting too much before the window closes on Thursday.

“Having faith and trust in the players we have always played a huge part in my mindset.

“In today’s games, there’s always a call for new players, and it looks fantastic when Celtic signs a new player on the television’s yellow bar. But if he isn’t good or doesn’t help you, that wears off quickly.

Making the most of what we have is a major component of what I do. I’m aware of what the squad needs to do. I am fully aware of the type of player that will be required to support us in the future. And the club will undoubtedly exert all of its resources to assist us in that regard if they are available.

“If not, we’ll turn our attention to the summer.”

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