‘It’s crazy’: Brennan Johnson shares what David Beckham told him after Tottenham transfer

After making his deadline-day move, Tottenham Hotspur star Brennan Johnson talked about the message he received from David Beckham.

After David Beckham left Nottingham Forest for Tottenham Hotspur, he wrote a message of encouragement to Brendan Johnson.

On deadline day, Tottenham signed Johnson in a deal estimated to be worth £47.5 million despite arriving late.

Johnson hasn’t yet shown his best side in a Spurs uniform, but his most recent performance against Crystal Palace was really encouraging.

In the 2-1 victory at Selhurst Park, Johnson broke into the box and cut back for a tap-in assist for Son Heung-min.

Brennan Johnson shared David Beckham message

David Beckham will be there to support Johnson as he looks to use that assist as a springboard at Tottenham.

Having grown up in the Manchester United ranks alongside Brennan’s father, former Ipswich Town and Nottingham Forest striker David Johnson, Beckham is a close family friend.

Johnson has since admitted to receiving a message from Beckham following his move to Spurs, as reported by The Mirror (05/11, p. 63).

International claims made by Welsh Beckham sent him a message wishing him luck in North London, which is not far from Chingford, where he was raised.

Johnson continued, calling Beckham’s message “crazy” and saying that, considering his prominence in the sport, he is “disbelieving” to have received it.

Johnson remarked, “He just wished me the best at Tottenham.” It’s crazy, of course, coming from a player like that. For me, it’s disbelief. I’m not saying that we should be best friends. They used to play together, and he is my dad’s age.

“He’s previously sent me a couple other lovely messages—after meeting with Forest, after agreeing to a new deal, or whatever. He did something really kind, and I wouldn’t take it for granted,” he continued.

My view: Johnson has a chance to nail down Tottenham role

This season, Son Heung-min has shifted from his left-wing position to a more central one, moving up front.

Although Richarlison is currently operating on the left, it’s safe to say that he hasn’t truly established himself there.

Manor Solomon played on the left side earlier in the season, but an injury has kept him out of action.

Ivan Perisic, who had been contributing off the bench earlier in the season, is likewise in this category.

Johnson’s return could be crucial because Ange Postecoglou isn’t exactly flush with options down that side at the moment.

As a result, Johnson has a great opportunity to establish himself as Tottenham’s starting left flank player, providing pace and a genuine goal threat.

Johnson needs to maintain his fitness in order to eventually contribute in the closing minutes, but we anticipate seeing a lot more of him in a Spurs uniform very soon.

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