‘It was basically a done deal’: Journalist shocked ‘phenomenal’ player hasn’t joined Tottenham yet

We’re two weeks out from the start of the Premier League season, and somehow, Tottenham still haven’t signed a centre-back.

Indeed, despite having genuinely one of the worst defensive records in the Premier League last term, Spurs still haven’t sorted out their backline, but it’s not been for the lack of trying.

Deals to sign Edmond Tapsoba and Micky Van de Ven appear to be complicated right now, while Spurs also want to bring in Blackburn youngster Ashley Phillips.

It looked as though that deal was very much on as Phillips was pencilled in for a medical quite some time ago, but, as of yet, we’ve heard nothing concrete on that front.

Speaking on The Tottenham Way podcast, Tom Barclay has been speaking about this situation, and he says that he was led to believe that this one was basically a done deal, but now, it has been complicated.

Phillips complicated

Barclay shared what he knows about the ‘phenomenal’ defender.

“Even the Ashley Phillips deal which we were led to believe it was basically a done deal, but that seems even more complicated from Blackburn’s demands for him, and he’s not supposed to be one of these two new centre-backs, he’s a younger player to come into it, so they’re having problems on that front,” Barclay said.

This is just typical Tottenham isn’t it?

Honestly, if Spurs didn’t have bad luck in the transfer window they’d have no luck at all.

How many times have Spurs looked to be on the brink of signing a player only for there to be a last-minute complication – Luis Diaz, Paulo Dybala., Jack Wilshere, Bruno Fernandes are all examples from over the years.

Of course, Phillips isn’t on the same level as those players, but it has to be said that this is more bad luck for Spurs, and it’s bad luck that they really don’t need right now.

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