‘It cannot get any worse’: Mikel Arteta says two Tottenham players really hurt Arsenal in NLD

Mikel Arteta, the manager of Arsenal, asserted that James Maddison and Son Heung-min of Tottenham Hotspur punished his team in the North London derby.

On Sunday, the Arsenal were held to a 2-2 draw by their fierce rivals.To make matters worse, Arsenal didn’t play like their normal selves and gave two goals to Tottenham.

Son and Madison profited greatly from those mistakes.

Mikel Arteta says Tottenham’s Son Heung-min and James Maddison punished Arsenal

On Sunday, Arsenal entered the match against Tottenham as the clear favorite.

Although the Gunners are the more composed team and have superior players, they lost their edge after the first half of play.

Bukayo Saka erred, allowing James Maddison to turn and find Son Heung-min in the box, who converted beautifully, after Cristian Romero’s own goal gave Arsenal the lead.

After Saka took the Gunners the lead once more in the second half, Jorginho produced a mistake that allowed Maddison to find Son, who calmly finished his opportunity.

In response to a question about this during yesterday’s news conference, Mikel Arteta said there is nothing worse than making a mistake and handing the ball to Maddison and Son.

According to, he stated: “Mistakes and blunders are a part of football; they are unavoidable and do occur. In order for the opponent to spare you punishment, you occasionally need to be lucky when you succeed. The opposite was true.

“Obviously, it cannot get any worse than that when the ball lands to Maddison and they have Son in front of the ball.”

Arsenal can only blame themselves for their Sunday derby loss.

Yes, Tottenham performed well, but the outcome would have been quite different if the Gunners had seized the opportunities that fell to Eddie Nketiah and Gabriel Jesus.

Despite how painful the derby was, Arsenal cannot afford to pout. They play Brentford tonight in the Carabao Cup, and many of their players are out due to injury.

The side Arteta names this evening will be intriguing to see.


‘He always does that’: Gary Neville speaks out on Mikel Arteta’s touchline annoying antics after Tottenham draw

In a crucial North London Derby match, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur drew 2-2 on Sunday at the Emirates Stadium, with Mikel Arteta being his usual lively self.

Mikel Arteta has been told by Gary Neville to stop “jumping around” on the sidelines of matches. The Spaniard has developed a reputation as one of the Premier League’s energetic managers. In January, following a 0-0 draw with Newcastle United, Arteta faced backlash for his ferocious injury time outburst.

Given the stress at the top of the table, Arteta lost his cool after Arsenal thought they were wrongly denied a penalty for handball. The Arsenal manager dismissed suggestions that, in light of the criticism, he would modify his behavior.

“I frequently hear that this team is a reflection of the coach or his or her devotion… I’m not sure,” Arteta admitted. It’s me there! I’ll constantly make an effort to improve. Any action I take, whether it’s now or tomorrow, is aimed at strengthening the team and improving my players’ performance and ability to win.

Richard Keys, a former Sky Sports analyst, was one of Arteta’s harshest detractors, even alleging that the Arsenal manager had threatened to harm the players. The 66-year-old implied that Arteta didn’t care about safety when he yelled at the referee and the Newcastle team’s dressing room.

“Arteta has been on the sidelines for the majority of the season, which is hazardous. He may perhaps collide with a player, which could result in injuries, he remarked at the time.”The dugout is positioned so that it is not near the playing surface for a reason. Additionally, he has occasionally been on or above the midway point.

“At one point during the game against Newcastle, he stood in front of Eddie Howe. That’s not how it works, though.There are restrictions for a reason, and the location of the dugout is for safety reasons. You continue to do it.

In the present, Gary Neville shares Neville’s displeasure with Arteta’s antics and thinks they are detrimental to the team. The former Manchester United player, who has won eight Premier League championships, has said Arsenal players need to maintain their composure in order to win.

Neville said to Sky Sports, “I want to see composure from this Arsenal team, but it’s hard because the manager is on the sidelines hopping around like you wouldn’t believe. “I want to see a passion, but I also want to see a coolness. Although it seems contradictory, I want to see that at the appropriate times.

“Celebrate it, give your fans something because they want to see that the second goal, Saka’s penalty, which was a beautiful penalty, means something,” Saka said after they scored. But there ought to be two or three experienced players there saying, “All right, turn it on now. We’re ready, and we’re going to see this through.”

“When a game is in danger, your mentality takes over. I’m referring to the mentality when you let up a goal immediately after it has gone in. They were not reset once more.

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