‘Incredible’: Michael Owen stunned by what Tottenham were doing in stoppage-time v Arsenal

Michael Owen praised Tottenham Hotspur under Ange Postecoglou for their ‘bravery’ against Arsenal on Sunday.

You would anticipate the home team to be ahead and vying for the victory in the closing seconds of the game.

And as Arsenal was attempting to secure the three points, this freshly formed, offensive-minded Tottenham team was matching them.

As reported by Premier League Productions (24/09/23 at 7:10 pm), Michael Owen observed’six’ Tottenham players bombing forward in stoppage time and said it was ‘amazing’ of Ange Postecoglou to employ similar strategies at the Emirates.

While Tottenham has had trophy-winning managers in their dugout in the past, this method just hasn’t worked, and the defensive management style of these managers is also a problem.

In any case, everyone is impressed with Tottenham’s front-foot style of play, despite the fact that they are still unblemished in these early exchanges.

Tottenham’s style of play

“Six bodies were already on the ground when the referee blew the final whistle, and a seventh one arrived within a few seconds.

“Away at the Emirates, it’s absolutely wonderful. I adore the new manager’s initiatives. We won’t learn anything if we just sit back, Postecoglou stated before the game, and I embrace that. I genuinely think that.

“You can’t just go and sit back behind the ball in every game you play if you want to progress as a club, and if you’re Tottenham, and your objectives are to be a very good team. You must take chances.

“You might lose by a significant margin once or twice. In this way, you develop and learn. I admire his boldness, and I believed Tottenham had displayed great bravery by earning the point.

Ange Postecoglou at Tottenham

Since Mauricio Pochettino was still available at the time and Spurs were in serious trouble during the end of the previous campaign, there were cries from supporters for him to be reinstated.

Given how the previous Spurs manager began his tenure at Chelsea and how Ange Postecoglou started out at Spur Way, it was the appropriate decision to stay away.

the boldness and freedom displayed by the former Celtic manager, the style of play he introduced to the team.

It has gained support across the board at Tottenham, who on Sunday more than earned their draw against Arsenal and likely would have won had they played better in the opening minutes.


‘The best for sure’: Alan Shearer says £25m Tottenham player was so much better than everyone else in the NLD this weekend

Tottenham had everything ready for yesterday’s north London derby, as they twice overcame deficits to tie with Arsenal.

Exceptional teamwork between James Maddison and Heung-Min Son allowed Tottenham to tie the game twice, and ultimately they had a chance to win all three points.

Alan Shearer felt that another Tottenham player, Yves Bissouma, should have received praise instead of Maddison and Son.

Alan Shearer praises Yves Bissouma after Tottenham v Arsenal

This season, Bissouma has received high accolades from the media for his outstanding efforts so far under Ange Postecoglou.

And Shearer believes Bissouma was the greatest midfielder on the field against Arsenal on Sunday, selecting him for his most recent Premier League Team of the Week.

The north London derby’s most impressive midfielder was unquestionably him. has changed under Ange Postecoglou, according to Shearer.

Despite a disappointing season under Antonio Conte, Bissouma is suddenly seems like a steal for Tottenham after they paid roughly £25m to get him from Brighton.

The Mali international certainly stands out in the Spurs midfield at the moment.

Player of the year form

Yesterday’s game included moments when Yves Bissouma appeared to be a genuine world-class midfielder.

Under Conte, he transformed from a player who was far from ready to one of the greatest in Europe right now based on recent performances. There simply aren’t many people doing it better anywhere in the globe right now.

In order for the Spurs to be successful this season, Bissouma, who appears to be improving, will be essential.

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