‘I’m sick of it’: Jamie O’Hara fuming over what he’s hearing about Tottenham now

With an outstanding start to the Premier League season, Tottenham Hotspur leads the standings going into the break.

With 18 goals scored and 8 goals allowed in their first eight Premier League games, Tottenham has won six and drew two.

Spurs’ victory against Luton on Saturday put them in first place, and rival Arsenal’s 1-0 victory over Manchester City on Sunday kept the Lilywhites on top of the scoring charts.

‘You’re eating your words’

Jamie O’Hara, a talkSPORT analyst and ardent Tottenham supporter, isn’t happy, though, because he believes Spurs aren’t currently receiving the respect they merit.

Even when Tottenham is performing well, the pundit feels that “everyone is quick to knock us down” and believes that everyone is “obsessed” with Spurs.

O’Hara said on the radio station, “I’ve noticed with Tottenham, when we’re doing well and we’re flying, everyone is eager to knock us down.

“Everyone jumps on the bandwagon without hesitation. Everyone is fixated on us; “You’re still Tottenham, you’ll still bottle it.”

“I’m tired of hearing, ‘Oh you’re still Spurs. When Arsenal was leading after eight games and flying last season, everyone proclaimed that they could win the league and accomplish many tasks.

“Tottenham, who is currently leading the league with eight games remaining after the international break, is still being told that they have little chance of finishing in the top four. What are you referring to? We’re best!”

O’Hara was told by host Jason Cundy that “no-one’s obsessed with Spurs,” but the analyst who supports Spurs wasn’t having it.

Jason always says you can’t judge it after the first few games and gives it the big one, O’Hara continued.

He stated, ‘That’s when you may come back to me,’ after eight to ten games. 11th place: Chelsea. Tottenahm initially.

“You’re backtracking, Tottenham are dominating; stop telling me there are only eight games.”

“You can have an open top bus during the international break,” Cundy continued. Congrats, Spurs.

Our view

Even if it’s encouraging to see a team other than Manchester City leading the table at this point, it’s way too early to even consider a title run.

The Citizens had the tenacity to persevere last season, close the gap with Arsenal, and eventually pass them to win the title.

Yes, Spurs are succeeding, and it’s encouraging to see how swiftly Postecoglou reversed the situation. The majority of Tottenham supporters, meanwhile, are aware of how early in the season it is.

While they will undoubtedly be moderating expectations, they will undoubtedly be celebrating their current situation.

As for the opposing supporters, well, they are going to get jabs in no matter what, aren’t they? Major deal.

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