‘I’m returning’: What £190k-a-week Tottenham star posted on IG overnight amid injury scare

Son Heung-min, a forward for Tottenham Hotspur, has expressed gratitude to his supporters for their support over the past 10 days.

The captain of Tottenham announced on Instagram that he is’returning’ to London following a ‘wonderful’ October with South Korea.

It was an international break that came with an injury worry for the 31-year-old player, who is managed by club great Jurgen Klinsmann.

Son Heung-min admitted that he wasn’t able to train effectively after playing in South Korea’s victory over Vietnam.

Tottenham’s lightning-quick attacker nonetheless finished the game despite the easy and convincing 6-0 victory, much to the dismay of his team supporters.

Given that the £190k-a-week star didn’t mention his ailment while discussing his return to Hotspur Way, there don’t appear to be any new problems with it, according to his overnight post on Spotrac.

Son Heung-min’s message to fans

Son added, “I’m going back to London after having a good day thanks to the supporters in this October match.

“I am so grateful that you have received this honor and my love. I’ll be back with my squad soon, and I’ll be ready to meet you at the stadium with a positive attitude.

Thank you very much to everyone who attended the game despite the bad weather and to everyone who watched on television. I won’t soon forget your affection and support.

“I’ll work hard to offer you the same level of pleasure that I did. I cherish you.


Tottenham are top of the league

Spurs fans may need to pinch themselves because, after eight games, they are atop the Premier League standings, marking their greatest start to a season since 1960.

Son has been crucial in helping the squad earn its place atop the standings and play a brand of football that has spectators getting up from their seats.

The manner in which Postecoglou’s team is handling everything is just as important as the points they are putting on the board.

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