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Real-life Bloodline member removed from the family tree The Rock and Roman Reigns presented.,



On WWE SmackDown this week, Naomi faced Nia Jax in a match to qualify for the next round of the Queen of the Ring tournament. Both stars put up a fight, with Naomi even hitting Jax with a hurricanrana from the top rope.


While an unfortunate botch caused WWE to black the screens at times, in the end, it was Jax who came away with the win.Naomi, understandably, was not happy with it.


She took a picture of the Bloodline tree and posted it, before crossing Jax’s name off it completely.



Jax was not pleased about being removed from the list either. She reacted by reposting the picture in her story.At this time, it’s not clear if the two will continue this feud in the future or if The Irresistible Force will be too busy concentrating on the next rounds of the Queen of the Ring tournament to bother with her extended family member.


The Rock and Roman Reigns will see some new additions to the “Bloodline” family now in WWE

Although neither The Rock nor Roman Reigns is currently in WWE and has been away since WrestleMania 40, there have been some new additions to The Bloodline.

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