I’m Leaving” Shane Steichen Announces Resignation From Colts To Raiders

I’m Leaving” Shane Steichen Announces Resignation From Colts To Raiders




Tom Brady had no shortage of success against teams around the NFL during his Hall of Fame career and he took time out to recognize that during “The Roast of Tom Brady” on Sunday night.




The evening featured some incredible jokes from several different people, and Brady’s didn’t disappoint, either. One of his had to do with the rumor that he’s preparing to own a piece of the Las Vegas Raiders.

Brady made mention of the fact that he’s interested in being a part owner of the Raiders and joked that his reasoning is because he’s tired of owning both the Buffalo Bills and Indianapolis Colts.

“I’m trying to buy a piece of the Raiders,” Brady said. “I’m tired of owning just the Colts and the Bills”

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Brady shared a division with the Bills during his many years with the New England Patriots and sported an astounding 33-3 record against them. He also had his way with the Indianapolis Colts, who he sported a 12-3 mark against.

Brady did not stop at going after the Bills there. He also joked that Bills fans shouldn’t be called Bills Mafia because “at least the mafia has a ring you can kiss.”

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the roast, you can check out all of the most notable jokes said during the evening right here.

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