” I’m Leaving ” Lakers PG D’Angelo Russell ‘Says He Will Never Play for Lakers Again Without a Head Coach—-see_more….

" I'm Leaving " Lakers PG D'Angelo Russell 'Says He Will Never Play for Lakers Again Without a Head Coach----see_more....




Darvin Ham’s comments during the Lakers’ exit interview shed light on the challenges faced by the team during the 2023-24 season. With key players in and out of the lineup due to injuries, maintaining a consistent rotation became a significant obstacle for the coaching staff.

“It’s been extremely challenging. Everyone that’s been in and out of the lineup. Being criticized for not having a consistent rotation when I don’t have consistent healthy bodies.” 



“The thing that frustrates me, and I love this job, I love the pressure that comes with it, I’ve always been calm in the midst of chaos … common sense tends to go out the window when you talk about my job in particular.”

“It’s amazing how people just skip that core part of having a consistency with your lineup is all predicated on health and performance. If you’re coaching a team and one of your starters is like 10 games in a row, just s**ting the bed, what are you going to do?”

While not naming specific players, Ham’s remark about a starter struggling for 10 consecutive games likely points to D’Angelo Russell, who experienced a turbulent stretch during the season. Russell’s inconsistent performance led to him being benched mid-season, only to return later and showcase exceptional play, particularly in shooting from beyond the arc.

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