‘I really like him’: Mikel Arteta says there’s one man at Tottenham he just loves

Ange Postecoglou, the manager of Tottenham Hotspur, is a favorite of Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta, according to Arteta.

This weekend’s derby between the two North London juggernauts will take place at the Emirates, and neither team can afford to lose. Although Arteta has a strong history in this matchup, this will be Postecoglou’s first experience with this storied contest.

Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta says he really likes Tottenham boss Ange Postecoglou

Since a few years ago, Mikel Arteta, the manager of Arsenal, has been among the best in the Premier League.

He had his share of problems when he first took the job, but over the last five years, he has entirely changed this Arsenal team, both on and off the field.

At Tottenham, Ange Postecoglou aspires to accomplish a similar feat. It’s time for results against the big boys after he rapidly won over the Spurs faithful, which is a tremendous positive.

Now that Arteta has demonstrated his ability to perform, it’s Postecoglou’s turn.

When the Arsenal manager was questioned about his rival, he revealed that he truly admires the Australian.

According to Football Daily, he remarked, “I truly like him. He was a player I had and know, and they constantly have such glowing things to say about him. That is not an accident.

“You can tell right away that he fits in well. The fact that we have top-tier managers is what makes this league so wonderful.

Despite the intense rivalry between Tottenham and Arsenal, it is obvious that Arteta respects Postecoglou and the work he has accomplished at Tottenham.

Isn’t the Spurs manager a genuinely charming guy? Fans have fallen in love with him because of the way he speaks and conducts himself, and his kind of football is also quite alluring.

This makes this weekend’s matchup at the Emirates a highly fascinating one because both clubs are anticipated to really go at it, which hasn’t always been the case.

We are very excited for the Sunday derby!

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