‘I mean seriously’: Ange Postecoglou’s perfect reply after journalist’s ‘backhanded compliment’

Ange Postecoglou, who joined Celtic as a relatively unknown player in the European game, is accustomed to it today.

Even still, Postecoglou’s accomplishments in Glasgow and his promising start as a coach at Tottenham haven’t been enough to elevate the Australian to the status of “big manager” just yet.

One reporter questioned Postecoglou about the popular “Angeball” chant and Robbie Williams’ ode to him while the two were speaking to media prior to the transfer deadline and Tottenham’s upcoming Premier League match against Burnley.

The only problem? The consequence, according to Postecoglou, was “one of the most backhanded, underwhelming compliments” from the reporter. Oh, and he also asked Postecoglou whether he knew Williams.

“This club has had some big managers, some historic managers down the years, but you’ve already achieved something that none of them have as none of them have had a pop song sung about them,” the reporter stated in the introduction.

“First off, are you familiar with Robbie Williams? Do you know him? What popped into your head when you learned that he was singing one of his most well-known songs with new lyrics?

Postecoglou’s remark before the question had even been properly addressed said it all before the Australian made the reporter laugh.

That’s one of the least impressive backhanded compliments I’ve ever gotten, he said.

You’ve had some truly outstanding managers—famous individuals who have succeeded—but then there’s you, Ange. Is Robbie Williams someone I’m familiar with, as well? Where have I been living, my friend? I am not joking.

Look, I think Robbie Williams is a great entertainer and wonderful. I think one of our sponsors served as inspiration for the song he sung. Look, it’s great; the alternative is that they write songs about you that aren’t very complimentary.

I’ll accept it for what it is, but I still want to say thank you, buddy. I’ll simply leave this place feeling good about myself.

Postecoglou will definitely feel proud of himself after Tottenham successfully got Brennan Johnson from Nottingham Forest in one of the crucial deadline-day moves.

The Australian had earlier indicated that Tottenham’s main goal would actually be to lower its playing roster after Sergio Reguilon and Japhet Tanganga both left the team on loans.

Despite speaking to the media before the deadline, Postecoglou had an intriguing answer when asked if he was looking forward to having his squad entirely finalized.

“But I still like, and anybody who knows me knows I still love guys being on edge,” he continued, “to a certain amount.

“I most definitely won’t allow somebody to say, ‘OK, we’ve gone through the window, and I’m comfortable now,’ and I would hate for anyone to think that. There is still plenty for us to do, much to work on, and much to inspire one another about.

“The players, whatever group we choose, will be in competition within that. As we know between now and the new year, we just have the league to focus on, and every game will be important, so performance in every game will be important, and I want competition for places.”There will never be a time when I or anyone else in the group feels at ease. I won’t let anyone believe they are secure for a few months and can sit back and relax, even if it seems to ease their concern about their futures. That is not how I operate. Everything I do will always have a competitive edge.


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