‘I don’t know’: pundit admits he’s not actually sure if 26-year-old will be a success at Tottenham

Darren Ambrose acknowledged that he is no longer optimistic about Richarlison’s potential at Tottenham Hotspur and insisted that he cannot keep losing opportunities.

Ambrose was speaking on talkSPORT following Ange Postecoglou’s team’s stellar start to the season, which has them atop the Premier League standings.

Richarlison has, regrettably, endured yet another difficult year. With Harry Kane leaving the team at the beginning of the season, it seemed that he would have a significant impact.

But what Richarlison is capable of has only been hinted at. He was essential to the victory over Sheffield United. However, there hasn’t been much more to excite Spurs supporters.

Darren Ambrose not convinced Richarlison will come good at Tottenham

In their penultimate game before the international break, Richarlison was taken off at halftime. Furthermore, Darren Ambrose acknowledged that he is now concerned about the 26-year-old’s future.

“Last season, he didn’t play a lot. And Ange started working with him this season. Ange is attempting to support him by telling him, “Look, he’s trying to get in the positions, he’ll come good,” I’m not sure anymore,” he admitted to talkSPORT.

“I supported him and I said he’ll score goals because he gets the chance; when he stops having the chance, that’s when you need to be concerned. He can’t continue to have opportunities and continually missing them because eventually, and this has already happened, you either get dragged or you don’t play anymore.”

Spurs star facing a crucial few months

Richarlison will be relieved to hear that Tottenham does not have a lot of depth in the final third. Additionally, they have recently lost players like Manor Solomon and Brennan Johnson to injuries.

Spurs, meanwhile, are already eliminated from the Carabao Cup and do not play in Europe. So during the coming months, it will be quite difficult for someone to join the team.

Richarlison will play while Tottenham has not added any further attacking players. But he must fight to maintain a key position on the team. Alejo Veliz has already been used by Postecoglou, proving that he is open to doing so.

But if Tottenham continues to be in the title race, his performance over the coming months could influence how desperately they pursue another forward in the January transfer window.

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