‘He’s the one’: Ange Postecoglou says there’s a player at Tottenham who comes and trains even on his day off

Guglielmo Vicario, the manager of Tottenham Hotspur, has disclosed that he shows up for training every day, even on his days off.

Spurs’ season has gotten off to an incredible start thus far. Players such as James Maddison, Son Heung-min, and Vicario have demonstrated remarkable skill in transfers, and their signing has been nothing short of spectacular.

Ange Postecoglou praises Tottenham’s Guglielmo Vicario

When Tottenham acquired Guglielmo Vicario from Empoli in the summer, not many people were actually aware of his identity.

Although there were many reservations about the signing, Vicario has shown everyone who had doubts about him by having an amazing season thus far.

The 27-year-old has appeared in every league match for Tottenham thus far and has four clean sheets to his credit. He has made several incredible saves, and he is much to blame for Spurs’ current dominance in the Premier League.

Naturally, Ange Postecoglou is happy with Vicario, and he recently disclosed that the Italian trains at Hotspur Way every day, even on his days off.

According to Football London, the Australian stated, “I saw Vic as a person, a) as a goalkeeper who had outstanding attributes.” And after getting to know him as a person, I believed he would fit right in because he wasn’t there to make a point. His goal was to be the best goalie he could be when he came here.

“He has tremendous self-belief and a humble demeanor, and he comes in every day wanting to get better. He also wants to work hard every day.” He is the only player who comes in to work on days off; he is in here every day.

And they offer themselves a strong chance to succeed and blend in easily when you have players like that in addition to his goalkeeping skills.

Vicario is one of the signings of the season

Many of Tottenham’s players have had outstanding seasons thus far.

Many people consider James Maddison to be their best player, and Son Heung-min is playing above Harry Kane at full strength. Yves Bissouma is currently one of the league’s finest midfield players, and Micky van de Ven and Destiny Udogie have also been outstanding.

Vicario, though, has performed so well this season that we believe he deserves extra recognition. He is a huge improvement over Hugo Lloris and a genuinely excellent goalie.

Vicario will have been instrumental in Tottenham’s success if they manage to accomplish something exceptional this year.

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