‘He needs to be careful’: TalkSPORT pundit reacts after hearing what Ange Postecoglou has said now

Although Tottenham is currently leading the table and undefeated in the Premier League, the north London team is urged, as always, to temper expectations.

It is true that the Spurs have been advised to focus on their current situation and work hard before considering their chances of winning the league.

But as usual, Angele Postecoglou isn’t quite carrying out the task at hand in the proper manner.

Postecoglou has taken the “sky is the limit” stance when it comes to Spurs’ chances this season, and he stated this week that his team is as good as anybody.

“I think, yeah, every team can, unless there’s something in the rules which says Tottenham can’t,” Postecoglou responded on TalkSPORT when asked about Spurs’ chances.

Speaking about the Spurs manager’s remarks on the TalkSPORT Premier League All Access podcast, Scott Minto seems to think that Postecoglou should exercise caution in what he says, cautioning against a message that is too positive and could lead to complacency.

Postecoglou warned

Minto expressed his opinion regarding Ange’s remarks.

At this time, that is not possible to say. Although I appreciate his optimism, I believe he should exercise caution, given what transpired with Arsenal the previous season and the fact that Arsenal was performing better than Tottenham this year. They’ve got off to a great start and have greatly improved, but let’s be realistic,” Minto stated.

Why not?

Though we don’t want to come across as Postecoglou acolytes, we have to side with the Spurs manager over Minto in this situation.

Is there anything wrong with dreaming big? Yes, discussing a league title in October is a little audacious. However, the answers will be provided to the press if they choose to pose the questions.

Let’s not minimize it. Spurs have performed incredibly well this year, so perhaps a title challenge is feasible.

More bizarre incidents have occurred.

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