‘He hates it’: Tottenham player shares what Bernd Leno said to him after full-time whistle yesterday

Following Monday’s victory over Fulham for Tottenham Hotspur, in which the Spurs captain outdueled the German for the opening goal, Son Heung-min has revealed what Bernd Leno said to him.

Son was addressing the media after Ange Postecoglou’s squad won 2-0 to retake the top spot in the Premier League standings.

Son Heung-min was crucial to the victory. He opened the scoring before assisting James Maddison on his game-winning goal.

The 31-year-old’s goal was an act of pure genius. Son did a great job of making a yard for himself. He then executed a flawless finish from the edge of the box to curl the ball past Bernd Leno.

Son Heung-min shares what Bernd Leno said at full-time

Of course, Leno’s time at Arsenal is what Tottenham fans will remember him for the most. Therefore, they won’t need any prodding to derive more satisfaction from the strike. However, Son saw it as an opportunity to spite a former comrade.

For Bayer Leverkusen, the two played together 87 times. After the game, Son urged that Leno let the forward know how he felt.

“He despises it! Because of how well he knows me, I don’t consider our on-field friendship. He despises it and told everyone to cease shooting in this spot after the game. Because he is so familiar with me and because we were close friends at Leverkusen, he sometimes pulls off fantastic saves, the player informed Tottenham’s media staff.

Tottenham star unstoppable once again

Son seems to be regaining his best form and is coming ever-closer. How terrible last year was for the forward is now simple to forget. Based on his performances, it may be argued that his modest goal total flatters him.

But this season, he has been just fantastic. He has enjoyed assuming the role of captain. And he and James Madison are developing a fantastic partnership.

He certainly showed that he is moving past his earlier troubles with his goal to start the scoring on Monday night.

Son is already among the leading goal scorers in the division so far this season thanks to a goal of truly exceptional quality.

Leno had a very decent notion of where Son would try to place the ball, but he was powerless to stop the strike.

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