‘He has this crazy energy’: Yves Bissouma says one Tottenham man is truly ‘incredible’

Ange Postecoglou has received praise from Yves Bissouma, who claims that the Tottenham Hotspur manager exudes an incredible level of energy that motivates the entire team.


In an interview with Colinterview, Bissouma compared the Australian to the late Graham Potter, the manager of Brighton.

One player who will undoubtedly be happy about Ange Postecoglou becoming Tottenham’s manager this summer is Yves Bissouma. Of course, the Mali international’s debut campaign in North London was incredibly unsuccessful.

He played so little under Antonio Conte. But this season, things have drastically changed. One of the best central midfielders in the Premier League is Bissouma. Additionally, he was essential in leading Tottenham to the league’s top spot.

Yves Bissouma lauds Ange Postecoglou

Of course, after receiving a red card against Luton, Bissouma will miss the team’s opening matchback. But generally, he has performed superbly. And he said that Postecoglou’s appointment significantly altered his situation.

I prepared to say. He exudes a sense of resolve. He exudes this wild energy, which he also shares with the crew. He is quite energetic. This coach is really insane. He resembles Graham Potter in certain ways. He has such amazing vitality,” he said in a Colinterview interview.

Manager’s appointment a game-changer for midfielder and Tottenham fans

Those who followed Postecoglou’s Celtic team were aware of his ability to succeed at Tottenham. They had been through some depressing years. They do, however, have a lot of potential as a club.

But few could have predicted Postecoglou would get off to such a strong start. It has taken him hardly any time at all to win over his admirers. They engage in some of the Premier League’s most thrilling football action. And it is obviously having some success.

Many people still appear to need persuading that Spurs will actually contend for the championship this year. Whether they have the squad depth to compete over the entire campaign is still unclear.

But there is no denying that they have advanced quickly under Postecoglou. And Tottenham supporters finally have a team that they can root for and truly enjoy.

One person who is vitally essential to this new Tottenham team is Yves Bissouma.

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