“Happy BIRTHDAY 🎂🎂”Brenand Rodgers Celtic Manager Celebrate his Birthday Today…………

Greetings on Brendan Rodgers’ birthday, who turns 51 today. I hope the Irishman has an amazing day.

The club sent him a happy birthday message on social media this morning, which is always a great gesture. However, he wants a wad of cash to go along with the card, just like a little child does! Indeed, Brendan, like the most of us, hopes to receive the go-ahead to plunder the transfer market in the upcoming days in order to acquire a few elite players. Not cheap January deals, but premium brands instead.

It’s what he and his fans want, and it ought to happen. Brendan has stated time and time again that in order for him to perform to the best of his abilities, he needs “quality” among his team members. His demands must be heard by those in authority; they cannot keep ignoring them.

Brendan is aware that in order to achieve his declared goal of managing Celtic for the long haul, he needs to be successful at Celtic. He stood outside Celtic Park’s front door after his media conferences on the day he returned and said, “We’ll be back there in May celebrating a title triumph.”

We have the greatest manager in place to make the most use of the financial resources we have to improve our team. It’s time for those in authority to provide not just Brendan’s birthday wishes but also all that each and every one of us Celtic fans needs in order for him to fulfill his commitment to win the title.Is the manager asking for that much on his birthday?

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