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Greg Byrne on Alabama transfer portal losses: ‘You absolutely don’t like it’

Following Nick Saban’s retirement and Kalen DeBoer’s appointment as head coach, Alabama football experienced a number of significant transfer portal defections.


Given that Crimson Tide players had a 30-day window to access the portal following Nick Saban’s retirement on Wednesday, some attrition was anticipated.

Caleb Downs, a safety, and Kadyn Proctor, an offensive tackle, both freshmen starters from the 2023 season, announced on Wednesday that they planned to join the portal. During his appearance on the Paul Finebaum Show on SEC Network that same day, athletics director Greg Byrne was questioned concerning important players leaving UA.

Byrne stated, “You don’t like it at all.” “It’s not to your liking for the team.”

Byrne addressed the squad after Saban announced his retirement and asked them to remain together for a full seventy-two hours so he could locate a replacement head coach. After Washington made it to the national championship game, the AD brought in DeBoer to finish the job in 49.

Some Alabama players, like wide receiver Isaiah Bond, committed to Texas immediately after leaving UA, did not wait out the hunt. But they mostly waited to go until after DeBoer was appointed.

Byrne urged supporters to give to UA’s NIL collective on Wednesday. He stated that although Alabama cannot blame any athlete for showing interest in the portal, UA is, in his opinion, the greatest place in the nation for athletes.

Byrne declared, “Alabama is such a special place.” “We invest as much in our young men and women as any other place in the country for their sports, and we do the best job possible supporting them academically, medically, mentally, and nutritionally.”

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