Graeme Souness now shares who he thinks is better… Harry Kane or Alan Shearer

Graeme Souness has crowned Alan Shearer of Newcastle United, rather than Harry Kane of Tottenham Hotspur, as the greatest striker in English history.

In their most recent podcast, the Liverpool legend discussed with Simon Jordan why he chose Alan Shearer over the former Spurs player.

Harry Kane joined Bayern Munich during the summer, leaving Ange Postecoglou’s team.The 30-year-old, who has scored 26 goals in 23 games, has immediately made an impression in Munich.

But he did, for the time being at least, forfeit the chance to surpass Shearer’s all-time goal record when he left Tottenham and the Premier League behind.

Shearer played for Southampton, Blackburn Rovers, and, of course, St. James’ Park, where he scored an incredible 260 goals in the English premier league.

While at Spurs, Kane managed 213 and was getting close to breaking the record held by the legendary Newcastle player.

The question of who is the superior striker has been hotly debated, and according to Graeme Souness, Shearer is the guy.

Souness says Shearer is the best English striker ever

The Scotsman provided his assessment of Shearer and Kane when appearing on Simon & Souness.

“In my opinion, it’s desirable to have a combination of qualities,” Souness remarked. Shearer possessed an assortment of items.

“He could be strong, absorb hits, and intimidate center halves.” Although he wasn’t the biggest, he appeared to be able to read the ball’s flight quicker than the center backs he was facing.

“Not when I had him at Newcastle, but he could run in behind.” He’s been the best England center forward in my opinion, even with Harry Kane.”

As it stands, it’s difficult to disagree with Souness’ decision. Shearer is still the league’s leading scorer despite winning a Premier League title while playing for Blackburn.

But Kane is yet to put the curtain on his career and could yet achieve huge things with Bayern Munich. The former Spurs player still has time to go back to England and shatter Shearer’s long-standing record.

Even though Kane hasn’t won any awards yet in his career, there’s little doubting that he will be remembered as one of the greatest attackers in Premier League history.

The Bayern player led England to a World Cup semifinal and a European Championship final, accomplishing more with the national team than Shearer did.

However, Kane hasn’t yet crossed the line in pivotal situations, and even if he does, there will definitely be ongoing discussion about him and Shearer.

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