Gone unmentioned how poor he’s been’: Pundit says Tottenham player’s actually having no impact at all

Timo Werner has come under fire from Tony Cascarino, who says that the Tottenham Hotspur loanee appears to be worse than he was at Chelsea.

After making an unexpected switch to North London during the January transfer window, Timo Werner has settled into his new life at Spurs quietly.

Werner has contributed two assists. He hasn’t yet created his own account, though. Furthermore, Heung-min Son, a German, may be about to lose his place in the starting lineup now that he has returned from international duty.

Tony Cascarino criticises Timo Werner despite Tottenham win

Werner has received recognition from Ange Postecoglou. Nevertheless, it seems that not everyone has been won over by the 27-year-old, who came with a point to make following a challenging period at Chelsea.

Given that Werner is only on loan, Tottenham’s decision to sign him seems like a low-risk move. In the summer, Spurs will have the opportunity to pay £15 million to extend his contract.

Tony Cascarino doesn’t think Tottenham needs to give it much thought as to whether to keep Werner past this season, based on his remarks on talkSPORT.

“I want to talk about one player in particular. Tottenham has now won the match. He changed a few things. Heung-min Son replaced Timo Werner in the game. Five games have now been played by Timo Werner. It’s not long at all. Does he resemble the player I saw at Chelsea in any way? A little bit. “He’s worse,” he murmured.

He’s really so predictable. After he gets on the ball, he stays on the wing and waits for the ball to come. I’d love to know what Tottenham’s fans think because he’s really gone unmentioned about how bad he’s been in those five games.

“And there are times when Timo Werner is lightning fast—quite lightning fast. However, he seems to be hiding somewhere because he is sticking to the wing. One may argue, “The coach is forcing him to stretch the pitch; expand it as much as you can.” But he’s making absolutely no difference. Timo Werner is essentially on the periphery of a game.

Comments seem a little harsh right now

It does seem like Werner is being unfairly criticized. In the months preceding his transfer, he had not been a regular player for RB Leipzig. If he had been, Tottenham would not have been able to sign him on loan.

The biggest problem for Tottenham will ultimately arise if Werner ends up scoring four or five goals during his time there. Because even while he hasn’t exactly made the globe explode, he hasn’t exactly been a bust either.

Of course, it would be premature to write Werner off. It’s probably reasonable to argue, though, that Werner hasn’t yet demonstrated why Tottenham made the transfer in January.

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