‘Going absolutely mad’… Micky van de Ven was furious with £22m Tottenham teammate last weekend

Journalist Alasdair Gold has now paused to recollect an event from last weekend involving Micky van de Ven of Tottenham Hotspur.

Before their brief holiday break, Tottenham concluded a fantastic few weeks in what has turned out to be a very busy January by traveling to Manchester United.

Spurs controlled the 2-2 tie but were ultimately unable to win.

Additionally, some of the fault was attributable to inattention on the part of the back, something that Ange Postecoglou is eager to rectify.

Nevertheless, following his return to the XI, Micky van de Ven did attempt to take matters into his own hands for the side.

When Gold was speaking on “Gold & Guest Talk Tottenham,” he observed that van de Ven was furiously angry with Rodrigo Bentancur.

Bentancur’s attempts to trace back infuriated the defense, causing an infrequent outburst of wrath.

Alasdair Gold noticed Micky van de Ven scolding Tottenham teammate Rodrigo Bentancur

“It was a moment when he was going absolutely crazy at, I can’t remember if it was Bentancur or another midfielder, someone who wasn’t tracking back,” Gold remarked about Van de Ven.

And Bentancur had to approach him, saying something quite rare for Van de Ven: “Just calm down, it’s okay.”

“He wasn’t acting like the ranter type, but he was really trying.”

Of course, Tottenham has to improve this aspect of their game given the great football they are now playing.

Even though Cristian Romero might imply otherwise, there’s still a sense that Spurs can do better when it comes to game management since they take an overly honest approach.

A natural leader

Before Spurs welcomed van de Ven to the Premier League, he was largely unknown to many English clubs, which is really amazing to consider.

The Dutch defender has been nothing short of amazing, and Postecoglou must still be quite frustrated by his unfortunate injury.

For many years to come, the 22-year-old should be a mainstay of this Spurs team, whether he plays with Romero or Radu Dragusin.

Perhaps further supporting Gold’s claim that van de Ven was upset with the £22 million Bentancur is the fact that Postecoglou was equally irritated by a single act of arrogance on the part of the Tottenham player.

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