Gary Neville thinks Ange Postecoglou has made big change with two Tottenham players

Ange Postecoglou has recently made a dramatic alteration with his Tottenham Hotspur full backs, which Gary Neville has been talking about.

There was much discussion on Postecoglou’s starting duo before the season began.

Before Destiny Udogie made an impression during the preseason, many believed that Ivan Perisic and Emerson Royal may start together.

The idea was then entertained that Royal might complement Udogie’s offensive abilities in a pleasing way.

But as soon as the campaign started, it was evident that Postecoglou would prioritize Udogie and Pedro Porro.

Although other managers might have thought that was a bold approach, Postecoglou appeared to be convinced.

Having said that, Tottenham benefited greatly from that decision and got off to a strong start this season.

Additionally, Jamie Carragher questioned Gary Neville about some earlier remarks he had made while he was appearing on the “Stick to Football” podcast.

Carragher believed Neville had criticized Postecoglou for his suggestion to switch up his Tottenham full-backs, a move the pundit rejected.

Gary Neville points out big change Ange Postecoglou has made wit his Tottenham full-backs

Rather, Neville brought out a recent difference he had seen.

At first, Carragher asked, “What’s changed your mind? Postecoglou was positioning his full-backs in midfield, as you had mentioned.

You examined it analytically. You mentioned that these managers are starting full-backs in the middle of the field. You asked him after the first two games.

And Neville said, ‘No, no. I asked him no questions at all. Additionally, they are not doing anything at the moment.

“In that game [against Man United], Porro and Udogie were receiving on the edge of their own box and giving it away. They are not receiving on the edge of their own box anymore.

“They are currently receiving it another 20 or 30 yards up the pitch, not there. You are aware of that.

They could now push Arsenal, Liverpool, and Villa and tear them apart. Though I’m not claiming they will, they might. It’s not an absurd assertion.

Pedro Porro will need to improve

Neville highlights the importance of Postecoglou’s full backs to Tottenham’s strategy for winning games.

Even though Pedro Porro is having a fantastic season, his defense still needs work.

Tim Sherwood had previously wrongly criticized the defender, to which he has now replied.

But Porro looks to need to focus, much like Arsenal’s Oleksandr Zinchenko did.

Although not the same player, the two do struggle defensively when playing an unconventional full-back role.

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