Gary Neville says one Spurs player looks ‘deplorable’ on his weak foot.

Richarlison played brilliantly against Liverpool over the weekend, but Gary Neville noted that the Tottenham forward does appear awkward while using his weaker foot.

Richarlison is currently enjoying himself much more at Tottenham Hotspur under Ange Postecoglou, even though he is still far from flawless.

Richarlison has scored twice so far this season—once in the Carabao Cup loss to Fulham and once in the thrilling 2-1 victory against Sheffield United last month (Transfermarkt)—for a total of two goals.

In the weekend win over Liverpool, the Brazilian earned a crucial assist for playing the ball into the box for Heung-min Son following a flawless through ball from James Maddison.

In stark contrast, Richarlison battled with injuries and poor play last season, scoring just three goals overall and delaying his first Premier League goal until April (Transfermarkt).

Neville spots Richarlison’s weakness

On Saturday, Richarlison was given a starting spot against Liverpool, and he put in a remarkable effort to lead the line, press high, and fight for his team.

Richarlison has had a wonderful start to the season and had a strong performance over the weekend, but Gary Neville has noticed an area where the Spurs player can become better.

Neville said (30/09/23 at 6:55 p.m.) to Sky Sports Premier League: “He’s done good out there Richarlison. On his left foot, he appears a touch unsteady, but he still poses a threat.

I am aware that Richarlison is a striker and will always be evaluated based on his goal totals, but if you look past those figures, you will see that he is performing an outstanding job for Spurs this year.

His work ethic is top notch, and he presents numerous challenges for defenders. We should observe a very different Richarlison after scoring a few more goals and the confidence beginning to flow.

Also noteworthy is the diabolical ball he swung with his weak foot across the face of the goal toward a charging Kulusevski against Liverpool.

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