Former player blasts Harry Kane over ‘undermining’ comments about Tottenham

Harry Kane has come under fire for recent remarks comparing the pressure of winning games at Tottenham Hotspur to that at Bayern Munich, according to former Liverpool midfielder Luis Garcia.

With less than a year left on his contract with his childhood club, Kane finalized his transfer from Tottenham last month in a £100 million deal to Bayern Munich (The Guardian) and inked a deal with the Bundesliga giants until June 2027.

The 30-year-old claimed that losing two or three straight games for the Premier League team was not regarded as a catastrophe despite not winning any awards during his 19-year stint with Tottenham.

Kane spoke with Sky Sports.”This pressure is different from what I experienced at Spurs. Of course, we wanted to succeed, but if we lost a few games, it wasn’t a major problem. At Bayern, it seems like you have to win every game.

Harry Kane’s comments were disrespectful to Tottenham

According to Garcia, who is the team captain, he ought to have stepped up and stated, “Listen, we need to win this one, and we’re going to talk with the chairman, and we have to win every single game,” before adding, “We need to win every single game.” Maybe he’s partly to blame for that,”

There are other ways to say things, and I doubt I would agree. If you have been a part of it, then you are disparaging the team that offered you so many significant things to you, in terms of your career. I wouldn’t utter that type of words because you are hurting a lot of teammates, players, and fans.

Many Tottenham supporters find it offensive that Kane has to disparage the team in order to promote his move to Bayern when the obvious fact is that he did not “turn up” when the North Londoners had the chance to win a trophy.

He returned to the team despite Lucas Moura’s exploits in the Champions League final, as Virgil van Dijk spent the whole game marking him out of the game while he did nothing to threaten the Liverpool goal.

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